Non Lethal Bear Encounters (pics)


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Dec 5, 2018
Outstanding photos! I've grabbed a few photos of bears over the years, but not many, and not as amazing as your photos. Thanks for sharing them here!

And sadly, only had my cell phone with me, not a real camera, while fly-fishing for silver salmon on the Tsiu River last year. We had a LOT of brown bear at the river, going for the same fish:

Thanks again for sharing those terrific photos!



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Feb 24, 2017
Outstanding pics! I don’t have any to compare with the previous photos, but I have used my phone to video a few I ran across last fall. The big sow in the pic had three cubs up in the Red Oak 37267E51-6D5D-406A-95F4-62F555210BA1.jpeg306CEE56-323E-4338-840C-33172EC19774.jpegthat were each 75 - 80lbs.C03C4DEE-4C23-4A99-B129-D874E13F32D8.jpeg


Mar 23, 2019
Those are some really awesome pictures and great clarity. The only bear pics I have are crappy film cheapo camera from 20 years ago. But it was an interesting story-we came back from hunting late several hours after dark close to 11pm early archery season in Oregon. Our camp was completely torn up tables chairs coolers knocked over. Even a 15-18" tear in the tent. We got everything together and closer inspection we had a bear raid our camp-he/she ate everything including bread bag and all we found where it had crushed beer cans and must have enjoyed them because wee didn't have a single beer intact. The only food that wasn't touched was freeze dried food-I don't blame the bear. The next morning we went for a quick morning hunt as it was our last day. We came back and while packing up the bear came back it was a pretty good sized chocolate black bear for our area. But we didn't have anything left for him/her to eat or ourselves.

I've only had one other real spooky encounter with bears and that was recovering a bull killed opening day of archery season so late August temperatures are hot. We found the bull but also found that a mama and two cubs either had found him or he just happened to die close to them-within 20 yards she ran them up a tree and then sat there the entire time we were gutting and quartering popping her teeth and growling/grunting at us she would semi circle us continuously huffing and puffing. The cubs would come down and be really curious and then she would growl and run back up. Coming back for the second load we were pretty loud and leery what we would find but they had decided to move on-which was good.


Feb 22, 2019
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The next next two are from SE Alaska.

This is a large griz that I encountered while wade fishing a small creek. The creek banks were covered in alder so for the most part I had to walk in the creek or on the scat and dead salmon covered bear trails through the brush. Either way, you just can't see or hear very well and it was a bit creepy seeing so much brown bear sign everywhere. I had fished this spot alone several times, but on this day a coworker joined me. After fishing my favorite hole we headed back down stream. I came around a corner and saw this guy headed our way in the middle of the creek. He spotted us pretty quick and seemed to puff up and get a pissed off look on his face. I don't think he was happy to have any competition for the salmon! As he stared at us and slowly walked our way, I handed my bear spray to my friend and took these pictures. Thankfully he found and caught a salmon when he got about 60 yards from us and that seemed to decrease his angst. Eventually he left the creek and headed down the bear trail that we used to get back to the road. We gave it another hour before we followed him down the trail.

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This is a nice boar that I saw several different days. A couple of the times I saw him, he was harassing this sow and her cubs. Thankfully, she was a good mom and kept him away from the little ones. I really liked how dark his face is.

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Truly awesome! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to pack bigger bullets. Thanks again for sharing. :)