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No dead elk for me (yet)


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Sep 14, 2002
I got rained out today while elk hunting so Dad and I decided to get in to town early, we were both home by about noon or so. Yesterday was one of the best days of hunting I've ever had though. We started up a ridge right at daylight and just peeked out on an opening and I started with a couple cow calls. Immediately I could hear elk coming in so I got an arrow on the string and kinda got hid a little. About that time a huge cow popped out at about 30 yards behind a tree and the biggest spike I've ever seen. He was big enough that I'm not sure moosie would have shot him. His spikes were an honest 3 feet long. He stayed in behind the tree and never did pop out and give me a shot, so him and the cow wandered off after messing with them for about 10 minutes. Then we hunted around the ridge top for a couple hours. We were coming back down the side to the pickup and we were above where the elk had been that morning and were doing a little cow calling when something busted down the hill behind us. I was figuring it may have been the elk from earlier when a monster wolf popped out about 10 feet from me. YIKES, they're huge and at 10 feet they are flat enourmous. We called the thing right in. Thats the 3rd one I've seen in the past 3 weeks. Damn things are everywhere up here. After getting rained on throughout mid day we headed out last night. We jumped two big whitetails in one canyon and then I tried to stalk another one, about a 100 inch 4 point, but he didn't go the way he was supposed to, so no shot. On the way back out I spotted a couple elk on the canyon across from us, as we moved forward and got a better look there were probably about 30 elk all over the far hillside. Cows and calves were running everywhere, and we saw one bull, probably a four or five point who had his hands full keeping a watch on all the ladies and beating up trees. With where they were and the time of night I didn't have any oppurtunity to close the distance, so dad and I sat and watched and listened to elk for about an hour until dark. Way cool way to spend time hunting with my dad. It was a wonderful day all the way around. The big herd was the most elk I've seen together in quite a few years. Heading back out this friday, but this years already been a success I'm thinking. Sorry to make it long, but what a great day yesterday was.
I'm heading back up on Friday the 17th and plan on hunting until sunday the 26th. I'm hunting unit 10A(Dworshak). Planning on hunting an area I scouted this summer the first couple days on the next trip and if things aren't looking real hot by about tuesday then dad and I are going to move back to where we were this weekend.

Ithica, the wolves did eat all the elk :confused: Actually this area used to be loaded with elk, but has been declining. There are some pockets that are loaded with elk, but not like it was in the mid to late 80's. Just takes more effort now is all.
Congrats Tone on an excellent outing- quite the adventure and the fact that you could spend it with your Dad makes it even more special.
Sounds like you've got em' dialed in ;)
Thanks for the update. Sounds like you indeed did have a successful day. Better luck next week.
Tone, sounds like you had a great trip.
Good luck on your next one.
You are lucky getting to hunt with your dad ,and i'll bet your dad feels the same way ,getting to go with you.
Our son grew up hunting with us and we always had a good time.
We still hunt together but looking at him now as a grown man with his own family, just adds to the whole experence.
Seeing a wolf close up is pretty cool,we got to see seven of them one time.
If we ever get a season on them the first few hunt's shouldn't be very hard as they aren't worried about people ,yet.
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