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NM Unit 17 Elk Muzzy Tag


Jan 31, 2012
Looks like I got lucky again. I drew a New Mexico unit 17 bull elk muzzle loader tag Oct. 14-18th as my third choice. I have lots of research to do and learn more of this area. Online scouting and internet time ahead. If anyone has any information of the area, please send me a pm. Thank you.
Thanks for the info. Not much data out there on unit 17. I need to start making some phone calls I guess.
Hoping to see a great write up on this hunt. I will be hunting the muzzleloader mule deer hunt on the 29th in unit 13. I spent a lot of time in unit 17 as a kid. I grew up in Socorro and dated a girl from Magdalena. Spent plenty of time of a horse in those mountains and there were always plenty of elk, of course this was 18 years ago.

In my scouting trips for this coming hunt I have seen plenty of elk early mornings along hwy 60.
Update: I had a blast in the unit and hunted hard all 5 days. Came close a couple times on some really nice bulls. Got busted by the shifting winds. The elk stayed really close to to thick timber and rarely in the open. I thought we had a good campsite but when Friday rolled around, so did the other hunters. Even saw a big 26’ plus trailer drugged out there on a road with so many rocks. First couple of days was good then the bulls went silent and moved deep into nasty canyon pockets.

I spoke to a few hunters most saw a few elk but no shooters. The weather change mid way through and got warm which I think slowed elk movement. We traveled all over and hiked deep and far in. The farther in the less fresh elk sign shown.the last 2 days of our hunt in unit 17 slowed down and never saw elk again. The unit was beautiful and I learn at for this hunt/unit. Again we had a blasted during the whole time and saw some beautiful country. Even though no bull down, I had a great experience!

PS: if anyone was out in the unit PM me.

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