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Night Feeders


New member
Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Some years back I had a bait site set up. I had at least 3 bears hitting it from what I could tell as there were 3 different size prints going to and leaving the site. All the activity I had there was at night from 1:30 AM till 3 or 3:30 AM. I was hauling up close to 100 pounds a day. My site was empty of food every day. My question is this, is it possible to change the feeding habits of them? And if so, how?
yes you can! and its a very good method for bigger bears that get spooky and nocturnal.It can be a big game ,but if they think another bear got there first then they will visit more frequently , stagger times for baiting sometimes works but flat taking it away, seems to be most effective.Bears can pattern baiters pretty easy because most bait the same times every day or so due to scheduling work etc... so they get used to feeding times , mess that up and ya never know when they'll show up!!! there are alot of bear guides here that im sure have more insight to this than i can offer but just my .02!!! GOOD LUCK!

I tried something strange last year, i filled a squirt gun with anise extract and proceeded to squirt it down every trail leading into the site, it worked i think? we had an abundance of natural foods so baiting was tough and i thought it helped!
Because of my schedule at the time. I was able to alter the times I would refill my bait. I refilled anytime from 7:00 in the morning till last light. Morning, mid morning. noonish, mid afternoon, afternoon and evening.
Sounds kinda strange, did you try to just quit baiting for a short period of time ???? ive seen it work in maine we had a big spooky boar that was doing the same kinds thing and we took the food away for two days and started back baiting heavy and rotating times and my buddy killed him at 2:15 in the afternoon! 389 lbs
well who knows, may have been luck i dont know for sure but, ive heard supporting stories anyway, GOOD LUCK hope ya get'em figured out.

this is when a trail camera would be helpful!!! :D:D
You was feeding them too much. They were deciding what time to eat. Hang a bag of donuts(10 or 15 #s) in the morning. It don't take them critters long to figure out that the early bird gets the worm or donuts. Brownie
DKO, no I did not try missing a day or two. I filled it every day.

Brownie, thanks for the tip also and welcome to the board. It is a good board with many good people. I hope to see you here often.