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Mar 17, 2002
Just thought I would say Hi. I'm new to the board and hunted Black Bear for the first time last year. I picked up alot of pointers from reading other posts. Thanks for the info.
Welcome aboard Wiredog... YOU said ya hunted bear for the first time last year.... DID ya "SCORE".. or just hunt them :confused:

Weclome aboard 'Mate !!!
It's quite a long story so I won't get into it, but I arrowed a 236lb boar as he was munchin on some dates. I have arrowed quite a few deer but the bear really gave me that hunters "HIGH". It took me 4 hrs to get him out. He ended up down in a river bottom that was very steep and deep.
I would be happy to post the photos but I am not what you would call a computer "GURU". All I have is 35mm photos, if someone could post them for me I would mail them. Then if it would be ok I could send a envalope with a stamp and could you send them back.

I'll make the long story short.

I was sitting in my stand and could hear my buddie on the 4-wheeler on his way to pick me up. He was about a 1/2 hour early and there was plenty of shooting light left. I looked at my bait and there was a bear about 15 yards behind it standing on his rear legs looking at the bait. My buddie stopped to talk with the farmer who ownes the land that we cross. At that point the bear came in and was facing away from me. The heart was pounding and the bear was munching. I then heard the 4-wheeler start up. My buddie had to cross a 160 ac crp field and come another 1/8 of a mile before he got to my bait station and the doggone bear would not turn around. Finally at the last moment the bear took a step backward and turned to the left. As I anchored the bow release into my cheek he looked at me. I squeezed and watched the white fletching be swallowed up by the black fur. After he took off it was not 90 seconds later my buddie showed up. I told him that I just shot a bear not 90 seconds ago. He darn near crawled up into the stand with me. He was 236lbs and the taxidermist green scored him at 18 1/2. After he dries he won't make the book but I sure am happy with him.

There were 4 of us 1st timers and we all scored. My bear was the last to be taken but he was the largest.

Sorry so long.

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