New Podcast with Big Fin and Hal


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Aug 14, 2019
North Idaho
Finally got to this today. I think I'm going to print "Be like Hal!" vee necked tees and flat brimmed hats and set up a booth at the next Rendezvous. All proceeds to BHA
I once had a long digital conversation with Tony Bynum about how lonely it felt being a lifetime "R", but being stuck between a "D" and an "R" place,
About how the dream of coming to Idaho darkened when I began to understand the long dark shadow that Utah casts over us here. Most especially regarding Public Lands.

Listening to @Big Fin talk to Hal always helps to remind me I am not alone. Hal, (and Tony) are guys I want to buy a shot someday and say thank you.


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Aug 2, 2018
I've got an hour left on this one, but I'm digging it. Love hearing Randy's passion, and Hal is a wealth of knowledge.

I remember Randy saying once that he's a Life NRA member. I wonder if he might be able to be a voice of reason for the once-proud organization? It's heartbreaking to see how much it has fallen under current leadership. A weak NRA is good for no one. Yeah, I know there is GOA and SAF, but they don't have the clout the NRA has (had?).

Would Randy ever consider using his platforms to call for reform at the NRA? Or is their brand so tarnished now that doing so will only hurt Randy's brand?


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Jan 5, 2018
I agree, great podcast. The Public lands vs 2a discussion needs to change from the binary conversation that it's been. I wish more podcasts would talk about this issue in the same light that Randy and Hal did. We shouldn't have to compromise or pick one or the other. It's not greedy to demand both from our elected officials. It seems like many of the BHA haters out there see the 2a as one of the biggest gripes. The Haaland nomination social media posts BHA did was a prime example of that. A bunch of clowns with a real myopic view of the issues and the nuance that comes with working on them individually.

The Republican leadership knews if their constituents could ever look past that binary view of one or the other and jump on board with BHA, they'd be in trouble when it came to paying back favors to the oil and gas tycoons and other energy sectors who have donated to their campaigns and held them hostage. Hence the green decoy and activist facts efforts. Like it or not, those anti BHA campaigns were successful, read the comment threads on a few BHA social media posts and that should be proof enough.

It's unfortunate to say the least.

I firmly believe conversations like Randy and Hal's taking place all over the hunting media world will be what's necessary to flip that script and get people to open their eyes. Hopefully that conversation is the first of many.

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