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New Mexico results are up, I drew !!!


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Dec 23, 2000
The New Mexico results are posted on their web site, I drew a limited ES archery elk tag. !!!!!
How about you ?
Calif hunter you don't need the application number all you need is your name and date of birth.

I drew a cow hunt. :D
Well, I tried a different possible way of listing my name and found out that we didn't draw squat! :(

And Arizona was just a "wish list," so it may be over-the counter deer in NM or Coues in AZ...

Of course, I can go on a lot of pig hunts for the money I would have spent on tags... :rolleyes:
Sorry you didn't draw Rick, it was a party app., me and a rookie friend of mine.
Now I'm hopping I don't draw AZ. (thats a first) I won't have time for both hunts, and my vacation is already set for the New Mexico dates.
Sorry to hear that Cali. :(

Good luck to everyone else that drew.
Hey A-con just curious, are you able to transfer a tag if you can't use it,or say in your case if you get a better option ?
Way to go on those tags, that is a great thing (I think) arn't they pretty hard to draw?
Major kudos though to your luck of the draw anyway's though...
Sorry Rick, hope to see you pull the number out of the drawing next year...
No transfering tags for eather N.M. or Az., use it or lose it, no refunds.
If I pull the Az. tag (30% chance with 5 points) I'll have to hunt weekends, the season spans two weekends. The zones I put in for are about a 12 hour drive. I never though I'd be saying " I hope I don't draw that super Arizona bull tag "
I'd rather keep the points for next year.
A-can A-con, He's our Man.
He's going to kill a N.M. SPIKE !!!

Uhhhh It didn't ryme but Congrats anyways :D :D
So your going with a rookie Dan?! :eek: ........a premo tag like New mexico would probably be better served with someone who at least had their feet in elk s-h-i-t once or twice!

Oh well......just don't get so busy babysitting that you forget to chase bulls!........keep the wind in your face and may your arrows fly true, friend.......
Oh, and let me share....... I went on a hunt with a rookie one time that like to have gotten us both killed.......just food for thought. ;)

Let's just hope your friend's mules are worth the trouble and aggravation of breaking in a newby hunter.......good luck buddy.......
Claims he can ride a horse and knows how to hunt elk !
Will see, I'll bet he has a cow when sees one of thoses big New Mexico bulls.

You Mark ? A rookie, I thought you only hunted with the best !

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