Need some Elk 101 help!


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Oct 11, 2002
Not Idaho :( !!!...AZ for now
My hunt started the 1st and during the first 4 days I didnt see an elk. Saw plenty of deer (and country) but no Elk. Up mountain, down mountain, etc, etc. No elk.

Today started out basically the same as the last four. Up Mountain, scope around, no elk. I decided to head down early so I could eat dinner with the kids, and more importantly lick my wounds. I felt like a beat dog and plenty discouraged. I decided to scope the ridge one more time before I followed the trail head out when what do I see, about 30 large brown critters crazing on a slope. I only had about 30 minutes of shooting light left and I would've needed that plus 2 hours to get back up the ridge where they were.

My question: Will the herd stay in that general area? There's not to much snow up where they're at and the only footprints on top of the hill are mine (no hunting pressure). They have plenty of cover on both sides of the saddle where they were grazing. How do I approach it tomorrow? Head to where they were or where they might be?

I know most were cows, but there's got to be a Raghorn in there somewhere.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> 30 large brown critters crazing on a slope <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

WHATS CRAZING ?!?! ;) Just kidding...

I'd say it's a good chance they'll be there, If there's food, cover and no presure.. It's a No brainer ?!?!? Maybe some will disagree, but I've heard of guys putting elk to bed, coming back in before daylight and Shooting them 1/2 hour into the light, but I'll be the first to say I'm still learning them dang critters !!!!

1. Go in early, but not TOO close, worst thing to do is know exactly where they were and bump them out during the dark.

2. Watch that wind !!!!
Are you in 39? I didn't see squat! and I have put alot of miles on my poor feet. Do you want some help? I have some time off. You have a PM with my phone number if you do.


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Carnivore, my guess is they will still be there. Just have to find them. Same thing happened to me back in 1994. Saw them from the bottom, 18 of them, next day spent all day looking for them and saw nothing. Got back down and looked up and saw 18 of them again. Frustrating it was.

Thanks for the reply. I missed this mournings hunt. Got up at 2:30 to head out in time, but I had a case of gout in my left foot. I decided to take some med's , get some more sleep then hit the trail in the afternoon and wait for the evening hunt. This way I can get into a good spotting position. I'm very limited on thge shot I can take. I'm shooting a Win .308 which after 225 yards my bullet falls off the table. I don't need to wound an animal by tossing hail mary shots at it. I wish I had my bigger thunderstick, but it's at my dads house in AZ. Should be fun trying to get in close enough for a shot. Of course there's about 2" of hard packed snow up there. Nice and noisy

Wiggs; Yeah, I'm in area 39. I was in your same boat. A lot of walking and no critters. I'm heading out this afternoon and again early in the A.M What SQ are you in? E-mail your number and I'll give you a call tonight ([email protected]).

If you're close to Mtn. Home go to cow creek. 20 miles from town and a 20 minute walk and you're there. Elk very where. :D :D Just walk the ridges above the river.
I headed out this afternoon and hiked up a canyon South of where I saw the herd. About 1 hour into the hike I looked up and saw a herd of critters on the ridge line. I looked through the glasses and saw 31 cows, no bulls. I was waiting for one to grow horns but no luck. About another 1/4 mile I looked up and saw another herd. This time I saw horns (antlers). There were a couple of spikes, a raghorn and at least a 3x3/4x4. Hard to tell from that far off. Did'nt matter, I was going after them. They were about a mile straight up (45-50 deg hill). The wind was blowing pretty hard but it was across my body. As long as I went straight up I would be fine. So I thought. After about 1 1/2 hour of climbing I was getting close. I took off pack and started to get into position. To make a long story short, there were 5 cows below the bulls that I did'nt see. They caught wind of me and off they went. Lessoned learned, elk have a great sense of smell. Elk 1/Me 0

Little bastards.

Steamer: Thanks for the report. Have you seen the elk or is that just a general spot? I hunted above Long Tom Saturday but did'nt see a thing. A lot of older sign. I'm hunting close by that location, but I hav'nt heard a lot of shooting from that side of the river. I'm willing to give it a try.
I'm going to test the theory this weekend. Sunday night I watched a lone bull with lots of horn above his head for about an hour at the top of an avalanche chute. He was several miles and several thousand vertical of walking away.

I am going to get in there Saturday and be in position to watch the top of that chute all afternoon and evening. I sure hope he comes to the party!

I have seen them they are there.

I'll being trying in the Long Tom next week with my bow. They like to travel through that area a lot.
Keep at it carnivour...I have had that scenerio happen probably thousands of times...Gotta keep going back though... :D :D :D

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