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Apr 10, 2002
I sold my rifle this weekend so now I need to buy a new one. I'm looking at a 270 or a 7mm-08. I've also thought about a 25-06. I will use it for deer and elk. Just curious as to your opinions on any of these rifles?
Depends on what type of terrain and distance you are going to be hunting?
Long distance, go with 7mm mag, 300 short mag, or one there abouts. If you hunt in thick brush then you need a weapon you can handle in that type of terrain.
I just bought a 30-06 which is good for ranges up to 400+ if you have it sighted in properly. Shot placement is your number one priority and don't buy more of a gun than you can handle safely.
Id take the 270.. its a good long range rifle for deer, and has killed pleanty of elk... also I would save the extra money for a GOOD SCOPE....
well you're going to get a lot of--those calibers aren't big enuff for elk---really though a lot of elk are killed with the 270, so with that in mind, that would be the only caliber to buy if those are your choices--elk are big and tuff, but shot placement is the key and only attempting shots that have no margin of ereor, I agree with MNTMAN's choices and think you'd be better served with one of those---chris
I just sold a 30-06, hubby thinks i need less rifle. I'm fairly new to all this so I don't know. I would say most shots are at the most 150 yrds, usually less. My sis in law just got a 7mm mag. I shot and liked that one, but hubby keeps saying 7mm-08. Everyone I talk to says the 7mm-08 is not a good choice. Is there a reason it's not? (Bare with me I figure this is the only way to learn)
Sounds like you've been given some good advice. The only thing I would add or mimmick is the advice on the scope. Spend every dollar you can on the scope perhaps even at the expense of considering a used rifle. If you do decide on a magnum cartridge, shor or long, you also can add moose and bear to the list....

Just my opinion.
A lot of people are saying "No" to the 7-08 simply because they feel it is less potent than the .270. The 7-08 is based upon the smaller .308 case while the .270 is based upon the larger .30-06 case. Keeping your shots within 200 yards and using a very good bullet, the 7-08 should be fine as long as you avoid "bad angle" shots at longer ranges. It is not nearly as potent as the 7mm Mag. Your husband is probably trying to make sure that you can concentrate on placing the bullet in the best place without flinching or worrying the recoil.

Good Luck!
I'd go hunting with a spear before I carried a .30-06! Every zero I ever met talks about hunting with a .30-06. I think a .30-06 is included with every mobile home purchase. Don't be that guy.
one of the things that is real important when selecting a rifle cartridge is ammunition availablilty. If you're a reloader like myself then it really doesn't matter. I personally have both a 7mm-08 and a 270. I prefer the 7mm-08 because I can work up handloads that make it very close to the 270 and it has much less felt recoil. That being said I'm not sure any animal know the difference between a bullet traveling at 2800 fps vs 3100 fps. Shot placement and quality bullets are much more important.
Thanks for all the info guys. As far as the scope, hubby has a real nice leupold on his 30-06 that he's trying to sell. I am going to keep that one and get a lesser one for his :D As for the rifle guess I have to go shopping.
I think both the 7-08 and the 270 are plenty of gun for elk. Use good bullets and good judgment on shot placement.

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yetty , im with you on a 30-06 ill never own one but i would use somebody elses in a pinch.
Well, you can go a coupla different thoughts here.... Since he already has an 06, then you get one too, or you get something totally different.
An 06 will kill nearly anything in the world and nearly every store has shells in nearly every configuration possible.
Since you both hunt together... get an 06 too.. share shells, ballistics, etc.. makes for less confusion and mistakes of grabbing the other's shells etc.
Or, on the other hand, go with something totally different, just to be different.
Personally, I go with whatever your partner has, then you never need to buy your own shells...just the community pot. You don't need to sight your own in, he'll do that too. Too many things go towards getting the same caliber.
But that doesn't mean anything if you find the perfect rifle in another caliber. Usually how I go buy a gun...find one I like and not worry too much about the caliber. Whatever blows your dress up.
As you can telll alot of doubletalk when it comes to buying a nice rifle. Hell, it also gives ya a reason to buy more than one rifle.
Can never have too many rifles.
Can you guys please do me a favor?

If I ever purchase a .30-06, sneek up behind me with a shovel and beat me until I die. I'd go after an elk with a fly swatter before I carried that hunk a $hit Caliber.
I would never buy a 30-06 just for the fact that you actually lose 75 IQ points for saying "aught Six" when refering to your rifle.
I get it Yetti don't like a 30-06. Which is fine you know the saying, opinions are like a holes and everyone has one. I am curious as to what you feel is so wrong with them?

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"every mobile home purchase" now thats FUNNY look for moosie ratings to climb now that the yetty is here ,,,damn i am still laughing
Honestly, I guess there is really nothing "wrong" with that caliber. But let me put it this way. If gay guys all started wearing high top shoes. I'll be damn if I would were high tops, even if they were comfortable and suited the purpose for what I need a shoe to do. Just like trailer trash and their .30-06. I'll be damn is they are going to put me in that catagory. Does that clear things up for you?
Elkgetter, It's a GREAT gun !!!! Sometimes those lucky high dollar bow shooters snort too much COKAIN in school and the posts reflect such. It's universal and has alot of options.


280, Just cuz Yetti and Fuggingoodhunter and them are from "Montana", they can still sniff out POOP on their shoes, so don't think you have "ALLIES" or anything, you're still trailor trash and a anti hunter in all our eyes. The only time ratings would go up is if you ever posted a picture of your 4 tooth girlfriend :D :D :eek:
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