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Need Help On unit 60-2 Elk in Nov Idaho


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Jul 15, 2001
Twin Falls, Idaho
A good buddy drew this tag need a little help in a few good places to find a bull(I know it will take snow) Just some pointers. Have all the gear he/we aren't wimps, not looking for raghorns but a decent 5 point will probably do if the weather doesn't cooperate. Any help appreciated
Cutthroat, I've hunted that area -- 1999--, and my buddy and I didn't do any good. As you said, a good snow reaally helps. According to some locals, plus USFS Rangers, and a Game Warden, with whom we talked, in that area, many of the elk stay up in Yellowstone Park until a good snow rives them into those areas such as 60.

It was mild while we were there and there was not a flake of snow on the ground.

Soooo... wish for snow! Maybe someone else has more info there than I????

Best of luck. That's mighty pretty country.


EDIT: MY apologies, Cutthroat. I just looked at the map and saw that we were hunting in 62, rather than 60. (Hell, they're kinda close, aren't they?) Anyway, I'd bet that you'd still do better there if there's some snow around. You know how it is with elk when it's mild. They get up in that black timber for coolness and they're mighty hard to find. L.W.

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Thanks leanwolf, yeah it used to be a really good hunt when we used to get early snows the bulls would pour out into the desert, maybe he will get lucky and we will get snow, the reason I asked is just in case we don't maybe there was a place or 2 to get into the timber. I appreciate your help.
Your buddy has drawn a migration route hunt, if the snow don't come they stay in theIsland park area and it's real tough, there are a few local elk hittin the farms around the edge, go early and scout these areas and be in place opening day, cuz they won't last long h2m
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