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National Predator Caller's Hall of Fame


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Jul 10, 2001
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Bruce Kennedy has organized a Predator Callers and Houndsmen 2004 Expo and one of the many events planned is the induction of members into the Predator Caller's Hall of Fame. I see there's already quite a few folks from Huntalk on the attendance list. I'm sure that Bruce will have some more information to share about this event.

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Doug, thanks for the post. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and finally decided to forward with it. It will be an all day and most of the night event. We will have vendor tables setup in half the convention room, and seminars be conducted in the other half.

Danny Batastini will be conducting a calling contest, no, not a hunting contest, but a contest to see who can blow a call the best. Danny is an old pro at this, so it should be a big success.

For the houndsmen, I am renting the rodeo grounds for the day, and we will be having mule breaking seminars; packing seminars, mules, horses and hounds for sale.

I have some ideas for things to do for the women and children during the day, but nothing finalized on that - yet, but as soon as it is, I will post it.

The two bars will open at 4:00 and run until ???????. The evening meal will be catered by the best Mexican Food Restaurant going down the road.

During the evening, we will start with the announcements of the final selection into the National Predator Callers Hall of Fame and the National Houndsmen Hall of Fame. The Expo will be done on annual basis, and when I am done promoting it, or can no longer do so, I will pass the plaques and information on to whoever picks up the Expo. Jay Nistetter started off by sending me his nominations, and I encourage all of you to send yours. Whoever is nominated will be done by you people, as I will have nothing to do with that, other than to purchase the plaques and such. About mid-November, I will post ballots for the top ten people in each category, and you people will vote via ballot, and the winner will be selected.

The rest of the evening will be raffle items and auction items. At various times during the day, we will draw raffle items, and if you are not there as a winner, the ticket will be put back for the evening draw. Danny Batastini doesn't know this, yet, but we will have at least one pair of pink pantyhose, autographed by him, for raffle, and no, we do not want him to demonstrate them on stage.

I chose Silver City because it is centrally located for the people. It is south enough the first weekend in March there should not be any snow (we hope). And I chose March because things should be ending for the two groups about then, and it is before spring turkey season.

There will be security, both in the building and outside in the parking lot.

This should be a very fun thing for everybody, women and children. I look forward to meeting all of you. You are most welcome to join us.

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Fandamntastic! Finally, the predator caller's Expo that Jay and I had talked about. Bruce we are really lucky to have you and your promotion talents here to support us. Seminars, demo's, prizes, food, entertainment, AND two bars! It can't get much better than this. Count me in.

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Try it now NASA. My FTP option was set to upload in lower case and I had some caps that were required.

If anybody has any problems, please let me know.

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