"Buddy Predator Hunts"

Bruce A. Kennedy

New member
Aug 3, 2003
To help pay for the Hall of Fame awards and such, we are offering the opportunity for predator hunts to place a "Buddy Predator Hunt" up for auction. All hunts will be auctioned off at the "Predator Callers & Houndsmen Expo, March 6th, 2004.

This is a great way for some of the guys, to get a chance to hunt with somebody they have seen on the boards, but have never met. Anybody can place a hunt up for bid, and anybody can bid on them. Plus, the person who places a hunt for bid, will get expenses of $75.00 for a two day hunt, or $50.00 for a one day hunt.

The hunts are good from March 6th, 2004 through March 5th, 2005.

For more information: CLICK HERE.

I will put a hunt up as soon as I get a little time.

Take care.

Bruce A. KennedyCLICK HERE.