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Muzzleloader Pics {head shot}


New member
Sep 28, 2002
Athens, TN

Well this morning i woke up and it was raining a little but we decided to go any way so i got to the tree climbed up the tree and set there until about 8:00 and i heard the leaves rustling over the sound of the rain so i figured it was probably a deerso i got ready then i saw this doe come off the side of the hill feeding around but i couldn't get a shot on that side but then it jumped the ditch in to a spot where i would have no trouble making a shot so i cocked the hammer on my T/C Encore 50 Caliber muzzleloader and it raised its head(in my mind i weighed the facts friday i had the deer run off so if i took a shot on the head it would either drop right there or i would miss and it run off so i made the quick decision to shoot it in the head) so i put the crosshairs on the head and gently squezzed the trigger so i started reloading and then the smoke cleared and she was layin right in the same spot thats about how it went

BTW i was shooting a 245 gr. hollow point powerbelt bullet with 100 gr of pyrodex powder pellets

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