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MtMillers Canada Bear

WTF ? It's the Exact same thing
Nawww...this one is slower (must be cause you made it for the dial-up guys) and smaller. The first one kicks ass, this one sucks.
Wonder what he is gonna come up with this time Elkie?
What is the size of this download?? Ovis, After it plays in WMP click view, then full screen,and replay it, it is pretty much the same except maybe just a cunthair blurrier.
Is it just me or did it look like Miller threw a curve ball at that thing when in slow mo??? damn Miller, good thing you got a new bow!!!
LOL Guys.... I'm Actually Working on a Radio Hunting Public Service Anouncement due at 11AM tomorrow. That and I'm expected to Work these last few Days at work....

That Being said, I'll have something tomorrow afternoon ;)

Schmalts, What video software you using ?
I use pinnacle studio, and i also have Ulead studio. they both have ups and downs.
Cool vid though it needs the real Moosie touch...handstands and rock music LOL.

Nice shot on the furball Craig- what was your distance on that?
He was closer than it appears in the video. From the bottom of the tree to the barrel was 4-5 yards, so with the bear in that postion, he was right at 4 yards. My stand was around 12 feet, so that made for quite an angle. None the less, he was dead within 10 seconds tops and died within view at 30 yards.

Shooting them over a barrel doesn't take much skill, but it was still very enjoyable. I had this bear over the bait for about 30 minutes two days earlier when he chased off a bigger bear. Oh well.

Thanks again to Schmalts and Moosie for creating and posting the video. I owe you guys.
That would be way cool...I've always wanted to try a bait hunt for bear (illegal in CA) if nothing else just to be able to observe them for a bit before tossing an arrow. Plus it beats trying to thread the branches like on my last one:

Great stuff mtmiller. With the penetration you got I thought maybe he'd be stuck to the ground! Way to go. Great footage. Looking forward to video of your next hunt.
Originally posted by Rammin:
With the penetration you got I thought maybe he'd be stuck to the ground!
That's just what I was thinking. I was half expecting him to be pinned to the ground ;)

That's a nice bear MtMiller......and another fine video.....I love watching these things.
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