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mtmiller Montana does


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Jul 7, 2001
Well, what the hell. I might as well post some meat that I put in the freezer this last fall.

No, I am not a huge guy. This doe had some definite ground shrinkage. :rolleyes: Oh well, she was tasty.

Woops, this one got a little bloody. At least I had my hunting partner with me.

Who said mule deer were smart. Notice this girls friends are checking things out from up top.

Here is some video from the last one. The .280 did a good job at just over 200 yards. :D

Doe down

Here is one last picture. A buddy of mine took this one the last day of season. He passed up some bigger ones earlier, but this is the best we could come up with the last weekend. Unfortunately he had and internal pack and I didn't want to burn time boning this bugger out. ;)