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MTranch.....Well, we perverts have to stick together. I almost resemble your icon there, but I think what got youin trouble with the censors was that unthinkable tongue action you had going there.....whenever my hound gets his tongue going like that, all I can hear from the wife is...make him stop, make him stop, MAKE HIM STOP! I figure that is what upset the wussies so much, not the fact that all you MT wannabes are in to spankin' monkeys...heh,heh,heh.....You're one up on old Cornholio on that one...As bcat says, "don't let the bustards get you down." I saw the humor. :rolleyes:
Mtranch,I saw it ,it was funny,you know how it is though, some folks have NO humor in them at all.
:mad: :mad:
Post it again just to mess with them :D :D :D
At least you had your coat on ;) ;)
Whitedeer.....Ahhh the fun one can have when ya gotta wait til hunting season and the boards are a lil dry these days. The icon used to open the trench coat but didn't want anyone to see the pan and know it was actually moosie :D :D thought the tongue sticking out would help tho
. Thanks for enjoying a lil break in all the tension in here. hmmmmmm one up on cornholio LOL that'll be the day :eek:. I think Worthless Nut in a pink dress takes the cake 2 funny :eek:.
MD4me......LOL is ok I'm not mad was just trying to make a few family members laugh in here for once. Hmmmmmm but do have more icons maybe another day when things get stuffy in here which should be anyday now ;) ;) But TY for enjoying I'm just a wannabe room clown I guess.

got a kick out of that icon..although I did feel it was a bit inappropriate in a birthday wish to Quick Draw..JMHO
Grunt......You have a point there, but was only for the night as I left the deer on there so I could change back in the AM to my regular icon. Just a few clicks and it was back.
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