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MORe bear pics.......(Flyfishingjunkee)


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Here is an E-mail I got from Flyfishingjunkee

I have a couple of pictures of bears that a friend and I shot in Northern
Idaho this year that I would like you to post. The black colored bear (shot
by my friend) doesn't look that impressive, but measured 7' (paw to paw) by
6'3" (nose to tail) and had a green-scored skull of about 20.5". My bear
(the brown one) was much heavier and healthier but not quite as big in the
skull and hide. He measured 6'10" (paw to paw) by 6'3" (nose to tail).
Anyway, we got pretty lucky getting such nice bears. I posted a request for
info on your hunt talk forum and had several people respond with good
information. Tom aka Muleyassassin, especially, was a huge help. We
wouldn't have had a good hunt without his help. There are some very real
nice guys who use the forum. Anyway, I always enjoy seeing the photos of
the other guys bears, so I thought I'd send in mine along with a big
"thanks" to all who helped us, especially Muleyassassin.


Two nice bears no story :(
What gives.....
Did you guy's just happen to find them dead already and there is no story...
Now those are some damn good looking bruins. How big was the AK bear's mellon? I like the colored one especially.
No I didn't get that bear. I took a buddy of mine from California out. The bear were so thick it was pathetic. In two miles of logging road we seen 8 different bruins. This one ended up at 20-12/16 green.
There are a number of dandies in this area.
Sorry for posting the pictures without a story, but there's not much to tell about the two bear's demise. We like to walk gated logging roads and glass clearcuts. The black colored bear was shot on the second day of hunting on a logging road way up high. Alot of snow drifts around and not much green-up. Mine was shot in a clearcut of a logging road. He ran into the thick stuff and died. Needless to say I didn't run immediately after him. As for what they weighed: 400 lbs, of course. (just kidding) My guess is 225 for the black one and 275 for the brown. This is just a guess, however. By the way the third guy in our party passed on several bears. He has already shot a couple of good black colored bears and was looking for a good bear of a different color.
flyfishingjunkie, we get more stories and pictures here than in the fishing section. So if your story is short, that is fine by us, your pictures more than make up for it.
Here is another bruin that bit the dust; and when the dust settled he was in it! Got this one over a bait with my bow before they took that away from us 20-15/16. Oh well, as far as I am concerned they are all standing on shore wondering how they missed the boat and what to do to get back on! :eek:

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