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Nov 22, 2001
Tooele Utah

Here is the guide's name that we talked about. Wind River Outfitters is the name of the joint. The web site is the same as the name. Check it out if you get the chance and tell me if you have heard anything about him or his hunts. My brother in law and I booked the first week of this coming spring, but all we would be out is out deposit if we find someone else to go with. Talk to ya later.

Todd :confused:
UT, I haven't heard anything about them... So... that could be good or bad ;)

Seriously though, I don't think the PRICE is out-a line at all. They are providing you with CAMP, FOOD, BAIT and stands..... I ran into a couple of hunters here on a ELK drop camp AND they each PAID $1,500 for a CHITTY leaky outfitters tent with Grass tall inside and a soaked stove when They gottthere.... the outfitter didn't even bring them all thier food.. I actually BACKPACKED a full pack of food into them my second day becasue I was getting my elk out.. I never saw them again but I know they were extreemly happy ~~~

MY point is, they didn't have food provided or anything except cots and a TENT(ish). If the guid is with you and has all the Acomo's there, and Picks ya up fro mthe airport (I'm guessing you're driving) sounds like an OK deal to me.. I personally wouldn't pay that much becasue I live here.. (And am BROKE) BUT.... I wouldn't back out of it!! Sounds GOOD !!!!

I will keep my ears to the ground and see what I hear about them. You remember to stop by BOSIE on your Way over and let me buy you a lunch or dinner 'K !!! We'll keep in touch !!
Hey, Moosie, who was the outfitter who "drop camped" those guys into elk country, you mentioned above?? Not enough food, terrible tent, etc etc etc.

I have a couple of out-of-state friends who want to do a drop camp, and I want to make sure they stay away from the outfitter who screwed the guys you ran into.

If you don't want to post the name here, give me a call, please.

Thanks, L.W. (Don't call night of 1-30, as I'll be away.)
LEANwolf.. MAN.... I really wish I knew... All I know is that it was a outfit that just bought another outfit...

They run out of the Sawtooth region. I, for the life of me, Can't remember the names !!!

Sorry bud !!!!
Thanks, Moosie. I'll tell 'em to hunt some other unit than Sawtooth.

Have you been up to Garden Valley, Loman, yet, to see all those elk that have come down out of the high country because of the deep snow? They're feeding them up there, and one of the places is the range across from the air strip.

I gotta do some shed hunting this Spring. Might not be quite so hard to find this year, huh?

Take care. L.W.
humMM With your Schedule .. I'll be hard pressed finding the ones close to the roads before you get them, BUT I might get to hike in aways that way further back... BUT Let me know when you'll be up there, if it's on a weekend or so, I'd love ta join ya !! I'll be doing some Shed hunting myself in some backpack areas, I might even pitch a tent back in and Cover more ground....BUt that is up were I hunt though.. !!!!
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