Moosie, what ever happened to..?????


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
...all the talk about a caribou hunt next year?? Is that still in the works?

DS was talking about this year, I think, for the Haul Road trip. I haven't heard anything more about it, so maybe the move back to Louisiana cancelled it. I couldn't make it this year, anyway.
YEs.. Still in the Works.

I will have info in the AK section around Nov or so. DS canceled early on for the Haul Road trip. He had a few things come up. We're still debating if we're doing a flyout or a haul road trip. But I think it will be a flyout.
Make sure you do oscar, cause the fishing is 100 times better in labador than alaska, I had some friends that lived up there. here husband was in charge of the game and fish div.

The haul road this year is smoking, atleast right now.

Last year at this time my wife had maybe 1 bull turned in. This year shes up to about 15 or so and its still early.

Its a good cheap hunt (relatively speaking, cuz nothing is cheap up here).