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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Moosie can't tell if it's a black bear even if it's standing 30 yards away:D Greenhorn called me a little while ago and I'm still laughing. Man, talk about lucky! So have you got that grizzly vs. black bear thing all worked out now;)
Better to be safe than sorry. A big dark brown colored bear with stocky shoulders and a blocky head could be mistaken even by someone who regularly sees both species. I think they potatoe head boys showed good ethics by making certain before shooting the bear. But we were a little light on ethics with that coyote though.
So your point is that Moosie can tell the difference between a coyote and a bear? Don't take me serious on the grizz vs. black bear thing there Moosie, just razzin ya.
Big SKY....... I'll Sit Back and Let WYLEE tell the story.... If he doesn't by the Morning, Then I will.....

He's taking his Hide in in the morning....

Greenhorn..... YA couldn't wait till you got home probably HUH ?~?~? Did ya call Big Sky from the road ?~?~ :D:D:D

B.S. (That stands for Big SKY :D ), YOu know IT was clear in my head till we had one infront of us.... Even at 30-40 yards..... FOR 15 mins.......

DID Greeny tell ya about the Marmot I shot at and MISSED ?~?~? :( Fortunately I capped one the day before !!!!!

PS, Big Sky.. I thought You said Greeny was in SHAPE ?~?~?~ that sucker walked 1 mile off the road and took a 4 hour nap ..... HEhehehe

Also, DID he tell ya that I killed 2 mosquitos in one SWAT .... I ROCK
I like to see ANYONE and EVERYONE get razzed on from time to time. That is what makes it fun!

Sorta like moosie throwing me off the snow machine :D In all honesty I would rather have to explain to folks joking on the forum about a taking time or missing the chance, because I wanted to make sure of the target as well as what is beyond it!
Trust me it ain't as funny explaining it to the judge! That is from experience.
Indeed, there will always be a fluke! Like the time I shot both the gobbler and a hen! Or the time I put a 30-06 through a decent buck and into the neck of a doe.

On both accounts the warden let me off as I came to him and explained the situation.
I commend folks for taking that extra time to identify game and what is beyond it. I think folks would think less of me as a hunter if I shot a griz or sow with cubs because I let the hunting fever over ride my common sense.
Think about it! What would make you seem more of an unskilled or experienced hunter! Explain why you missed a shot on a fantastic trophy to your peers or explaining to the judge why you as a hunter can not identify a blackie from a griz?
Sorta like that fellow showing off his "trophy elk" with the long beard and palmated horns! My God, if a man does not know an elk from a moose, i sure as hell do not want to be in the woods with him! Hell, he might think I am a blond bear :rolleyes:

Nothing wrong! We all know that Pan Man is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I think we should let Mr. Pan Man off on that call!
Thump.... Fortunately, We got to Say that We JUDGED RIGHT... And Wylee still WHOPPED a Monster !!!!!!!

I have an AWSOME Story I will post around 5:30 PM today !!!!!!!

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