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Oct 16, 2019
Central Highlands of Wyoming
So I bumped into a friend of mine yesterday,he told me that his son is going up to Alaska this fall to work as a moose packer, or Packer in general, but he focused on moose. Im wondering, with all the high paying oil field and fishery jobs, what can he expect to earn in a season or daily? This got me to thinking about my upcoming moose hunt (it never stops! smoke, grinding gear noise…) I may not kill a Boone and Crocket bull, but I will kill a bull and there’s better than 50% chance I’ll be by myself. ( I may be hunting closer to the roads than I anticipate) I’m 61, and nowhere near the condition that my buddies, 22 year-old son is in. My pack loads will be half his size, and take me twice as long to get out! I plan on putting a bed mounted winch in the Ford! On another note, I went and picked up some new arrows, some Easton FMJ’s and some G5 tips. Holy crap! I hope I don’t lose one.
At 22 it might be more about the adventure of being a packer in the wilderness. But, if he aspires to be a guide or a master guide it is the first step to get his guide license.
After hunting season, Winter is when he will have his best shot to get hired on to the oil fields if that is what he wants to do. Then he could probably work 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off giving him plenty of time to explore AK.
I killed my Wyoming moose in the middle of a pretty serious quakie downfall. We were only a mile from a road but it was a two day pack for two of us. That was 30 years ago. Now days it might be a weeks pack for me and my old friend.
Great memories!

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