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Montana or Colorado Mule Deer Hunt?


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Dec 16, 2013
I live in Montana and have always just done a general deer tag with my kids knowing the chances of a large buck are pretty low; so the OP might consider heading to the Missouri Breaks; the season typically ends for muley bucks in mid-November on the CMR so check the regs, but we have always had a great time camping at the Fred Robinson Bridge and then parking off a road and hiking a few miles back into the coulees. Great opportunity for hunting by glassing, hiking, stalking, etc. without high elevation. Use caution if it rains as the gumbo can keep a truck stuck for a week or more. There are nice bucks back in there but it takes hiking several/multiple miles to get way from the road (not a surprise).
The mid season cmr closure is long gone - 3-4 years ago . It’s open all season now