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Dec 27, 2000
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Because state legislative issues are so critical to the future of hunting and fishing, I have set up state specific forums for all the western states. You will find the "State Sections" under the "Hot Topics" part of our forum.

That will make it easier for members from a states to post topics related to their state and for people to find topics related to their states. And, to keep the other forums from getting polluted with these state-specific topics.

The 2013 Montana Legislature is currently in session. All indicators are that it could be as terrible as past sessions for fish and wildlife issues. To help Montana members find quick links to legislative topics, I am providing links below that will help research and communicate on bills.

2013 Legislature home page:

2013 Legislature bill search:

2013 Find/Contact a legislator link:

Here are the list of legislators on the respective committees that oversee wildlife issues. Next to their name is the link to their personal inbox for people to contact them and comment on their vote on certain bills. It appears that legislator emails are not being listed this session.

Note, you can send a message to the entire committee by clicking the "Committee" button at any of the legislator contact pages shown below. That is the fastest way to contact the entire committee.

Senate Fish and Game Committee: Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m. in Room 422

Brenden, John (R - Ch) - C BRENDEN
Ripley, Rick (R – V Ch) - RIPLEY
Barrett, Debby (R) - BARRETT
Facey, Tom (D) - FACEY
Fielder, Jennifer (R) - FIELDER
Hamlett, Brad (D) - MAXON HAMLETT
Jent, Larry (D) - JENT
Peterson, Jim (R) - E PETERSON
Thomas, Fred (R) - THOMAS
Van Dyk, Kendall (D) - J VAN DYK

Secretary: Mary Kulawik, Rm 320, (406) 444-4889

House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee: Meets Tuesday and Thursdays at 3 p.m. in Room 152

Welborn, Jeffrey (R - Ch) - WELBORN
Kary, Doug (R – V Ch) - KARY
Wilmer, Franke (D – V Ch) - WILMER
Boland, Carlie (D) - ( CARLIE ) BOLAND
Connell, Pat (R) - CONNELL
Court, Virginia (D) - COURT
Doane, Alan (R) - DOANE
Flynn, Kelly (R) - FLYNN
Greef, Edward (R) - GREEF
Hoven, Brian (R) - HOVEN
Jacobson, Tom (D) - JACOBSON
Lieser, Ed (D) - LIESER
Pomnichowski, JP (D) - POMNICHOWSKI
Price, Jean (D) - PRICE
Shaw, Ray (R) - SHAW
Smith, Bridget (D) - SMITH
Vance, Gordon (R) - VANCE
Wagoner, Kirk (R) - WAGONER
Warburton, Wendy (R) - WARBURTON
Washburn, Ted (R) - WASHBURN
White, Kerry (R) - WHITE

Secretary: Marissa Stockton, Rm 475, (406) 444-1864

When all else fails, you can call the Legislative Switchboard to leave a message with any legislator. That phone number is (406) 444-4800.
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