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Sep 23, 2003
Canton, SD
I was lucky enough this year to draw an out of state “Combination License”.
I was hoping for some advice on where would be the best places to go????

I lived in Missoula from 88-99 but due to job opportunities I had to relocate to South Dakota. We used to hunt around the “Big Sheep Cr.” area west of Dell / Lima. I also used to hunt west of Missoula in the Petty Cr. & Fish Cr. area. But I understand that several of these areas are or have been severely affected by the fire. I was able to take (3) Bulls and (2) Cows in the years I lived there, 5 X 5 small non-typical being the largest.
I will be coming out with (3) of my new friends from S.D. all who have taken Elk in the “Black Hills Area” or Wyoming. (We are not rookies)
I was hoping someone had some good ideas on where to go. We don’t want a guide or an outfitter but are willing “To Pay” for advice (Someone to point us in the right direction). Whether that being in the “Big Hole Area” or “White Sulphur Springs Area.” Or wherever we end up???? This is part of the experience is going to new places.


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Congrats on your tags and welcome to Moosies...
E-Mail me!!!
Montana has some private land set up on a walk-in hunt (CRP?) basis. Youmight check with their wildlife dpeartment and get some maps of where those lands are. I know there were some around Jackson, near the Big Hole River area.
I'm guessing no-one will accept any type of Payment for info. Acording to Montana laws (I believe) A guy can't except any "GIFT" or anything for info.

That being said, good luck on your hunt and Being from Idaho I don't have much clue about Montana, but know there is alot of good spots over there. Good luck on yur hunt and Fill us in as the time comes near !!!

Welcome to Moosies !!
Hi Guys!!!
Thanks your information so far…
We have decided to hunt in the “Big Hole Area” (Wisdom / Jackson).
We will be staying at the “Jackson Hot Springs Lodge” November 6th –
14th. So does anyone have any good advice for that area???


That's a neat lodge. We hunted on a ranch a few miles outside of town owned by a guy named Max. There was some CRP-type land nearby, but you had better get on there way before day light. It was crop-pasture land, and the elk were headed into the hills and timber at first light. There is also some National Forest land up there that holds some elk, if they are not pushed.

Be prepared for cold weather - it was 18 or 20 below in the mornings when we were there in November.
Max Lapham....outfitter from Jackson.

I'll shoot ya a PM...

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