Montana area 261 mule deer tag

I recommend scouting and knocking on doors a bunch. Don't get caught up with the deer on the private. There are some up in the high country as well.
Dang. None of those deer score worth a crap but they are built like hawses....
There's others. And that was last year. The mountain bucks don't even get attention. mtmuley
Anybody had the tag? Any ideas where to start have done some looking in the mountains and have seen a few does. I'm not afraid of hiking and have horses. I don't have any knowledge of the area except the little scouting I've done. I'm not looking for something average I've got enough of those. This is the only tag I drew for the fall I just put in for points in the rest of the states once I new I had this one. Have a New Mex Oryx tag but doesn't start until December.
its a glorified road hunt. Unless your willing to scout in the mountains......a lot.
its a glorified road hunt. Unless your willing to scout in the mountains......a lot.
This tag is what you make of it. It can be stupidly, unfairly easy. It can also be stupidly, unfairly tough. My feeling is that the obviously visible lower valley deer drive the high percentage of applicants for this tag. But, I've also ran into several people in the hills more than happy with the small 4 point they just killed. Some folks just want to hunt deer. Reeltime, hunted the area for muleys? mtmuley
Its all about who has permission on what property. I photograph most of the lowland deer this time of year and throughout August. There are going to be some tanker bucks in the fields. You can shoot a 200" in the mountains where its a lot tougher hunting!
I have been over quite a few weekends looking. I am seeing some buck quite and some does. My wife is getting tired of camping in stevensville. I'll try and post a few picks here if I can figure it out.


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