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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
I have never had a skull or set of antlers measured before. I dont mean to sound too noble mostly it is I havent had many worth measuring.LOL I had a good friend of mine with me last year and we treed a real nice bear with 2 young dogs and my old dog Whiskey. My friend really wanted a rug done so I took the bear and gifted him the head and hide. He sent out the skull to be cleaned.I have never had one done before. It came back really nice.
He gave me the skull but asked if I would get it measured for the heck of it.There is an offical scorer for the Maine and N.H. record boks right up the road. He measured it for me last night. 18 inches makes both the Maine or N.H. book. This bear was a Maine bear. I believe Boone and crockett is 20.Now we dont get many bears in the northeast that ever make Boone and Crockett.Only a handful or so a year.Around here 18 is a good one. My bear offical scored 19 1/4. I know I have had clients get bigger ones but never had oone scored before.
I have never put my name in any book or anything for trophys so I havent decided if I will with this one or not.The guy filled out all the paperwork all I have to do is send it in I guess.
Tobey, would you please thank Rock for me.I didnt hear them come into the tree but Rock was leading last we heard and he sure acted proud at the tree so I think he had a lot to do with it!!!!
No bear stories this week guys. It is 1030 pm here and still 85 degrees.I am going to try and put the bears picture here.That is Whiskey in the background,wound up as ever,the other 2 dogs were Rock and Jack.

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I know what ya mean about being hot, low was 78 here the other day and high of 103, were all shut down till first of sept when fall kill season starts. Month of August just to dang hot to do much of anything around here. Kinda glad pursuit season don't flow into august I would probably be the only guy tryin to hunt in the hot weather either killin myself or my
Sounds like a real nice bear. I think you should put your name in the book. Not for recognition, just to show your proud of your dogs ;) ;) Been real hot here too. Dogs are so outta shape they'll probly have a heart attack when I run em this fall :D :D :D
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