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Man Trips Over Woman; Her Family Eats Him?


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
MANILA (Reuters) - A man and his two sons have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a neighbor and then eating parts of his body after he tripped over a woman relative at a dance, Philippine police said on Tuesday.

The three men are suspected of stabbing neighbor Benjie Ganoy to death last month in a remote village in the southwestern island of Palawan. They ate his ears, tongue and arms after roasting the body over a fire, provincial police chief Michael Garraez said.

"They stabbed him repeatedly, cut off the man's ears, pulled out his tongue and ate it," Garraez told Reuters by telephone. He was quoting a sworn statement by a witness, who said he had been forced to eat some flesh taken from the victim's arms.

Garraez said there was no tradition of cannibalism in the area.

He said the father had apparently been angry after Ganoy accidentally tripped over his daughter during a dance party.

Police said the victim disappeared after the dance party on July 17. The witness led them to the burned body almost a week later.


When the woman became indignant with his clumsiness and tripping over her, he told her, "Bite me!!!" Not a smart thing to say in a third world country! :D

G'dang! Can you imagine eating someone's freaking tongue??? You don't know where it's been!!! What kind of germs are on it!!! Yuck! People are far too nasty for me to ever become a cannibal. There's too many other critters that would taste a hell of a lot better, and probably smell better too.

Yuck! I'll pass on the sausage and rice dish too! :D