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Looking for tips on protecting hunting and hunting land access in California


Sep 10, 2017
San Diego
I recently retired and we actually chose to retire to California where I’ve lived off and on much of my life. Many likley are incredulous, but if you’ve ever lived here or spent a lot of time here you know how incredible it is for anyone who enjoys any type of outdoor activity. It truly has it all, from variety of landscapes to the huge diversity of wildlife and fresh/saltwater species.

I am looking for tips on how I can get more involved in protecting our hunting rights and preserving the public land access we have for hunting in California.

I recently rejoined BHA and found they have kind of a process in place for helping people get involved which I’m starting. I also follow CFW and am looking at volunteer opportunities but more on the species conservation side, something I’ve done in various places I’ve lived. Any other suggestions from those already involved on what seems more or less effective so I can maximize my time? Perhaps in states with a smaller percentage of hunters like California? In the past I’ve contracted my members of congress on a few issues but looking to have more effective impact and gain knowledge of issues in a timely manner.

As an aside, I know bear hunting is the next real target in CA, I’m thinking about getting a tag and having a go at that even though I never tried in the past due to focus on deer and bird seasons. I noticed when they finally succeeded in banning trapping a few years ago, low number of participants was cited as one of the stronger justifications.

Appreciate any tips!
Follow the DFG Commission Calendar and participate in General Commission meetings as well as the Wildlife Resource Committee meetings.

Talk to your neighbors and friends about hunting and conservation. Feed them wild game. When appropriate, get them to call their legislators on key issues to amplify our voice.

Follow CA Waterfowls legislative updates, they have the most experience and paid staff to keep on top of all the issues passing through Sacramento from direct hunting/gun issues that are more obvious, to the more nuanced water/habitat issues that are under the radar.

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