Looking for a Hunting Partner for 2020


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Apr 8, 2019
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Looking for a hunting partner for 2020. Thinking of hunting the Kemmerer area which I believe is 102. I was turned on to this area by someone who lives there who pulled some nice bulls this year. I am reluctant to hunt solo due to my age plus the need to have someone help pack elk out. I like to do base camp thing and go out as partners but spread out. I also plan to hunt bear in 2020 in the same area. Looking for someone dependable who will commit. I have had several offers but when time came to go hunting, no partner committed to going. I am planning on a 10 day hunt. I like the type of hunts where everyone splits expenses and the meat. I also do my own butchering so we can save money there. Someone with horses or llamas would be neat as this area is rugged in sports but if an old mane like me (65) can negotiate it, everyone else should.