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LittleNut's first and TurkeyeEye scores again


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods

I was scheldued to work all day but after talking with my coworker (who was leaving at noon) about his plans. I called Vipe and see if she would have the gear ready and I left after noon also.

We drive out to where we have hunted a little before(mainly doves) but know that the deer are there. It was public lands and there were quite a few orange people there already. So we go to another public hunting land and it was even overrun in orange. So I go back to the other area and go to a field where I got a tip 3 years ago that the deer like to hideout.
Since Vipe has a touch of the flu she stays in the van with LN. TE and I decide to follow the borderline of the public area first to see where the trails are. WE walk maybe 75% of the border and are headed to the parking area on the north side. At one of my stops I look over and see 3 deer coming toward us. So TE and I get down on 1 knee and wait. Well finally the ist 2 get in the trail and I have my sights on the second one(1st deer was really small). As I get ready to put the stop on it TE fires his shotgun. The deer boogie.

We go up the path to see if there is any blood and there was plenty. Heck at spot the blood was sprayed up to 3 feet high in the tall grass and wide. We go a bit farther and I look over to the plowed field next to the grass and there it is! We check and see if it dead and it was. So then over at the other area the yelling and shooting begins. (Like WW3) I send TE to get the gear and Mom and LN while I stayed with the deer. This deer was not going to come up missing like the 1st one TE got this year.

While I am there watching I see a doe come from the other area and pass into where I was about 80 yards away. I decide notto go for it. Then a big bodied deer started from the other area as I was dragging the kill to the path. I shoot over behind a hedgerow and start to get closer down the path. The deer coming was big buck. (found out it was a 14 pointer) I see it at 70 yards and no shot was there ( I stayed within eyesight of TE's deer) I end up talking with 1 of the people chasing the buck. He seemed alright but not all of his group was. They were going to drive the area we was in and I made sure to to have him tell all where we was.

Well Vipe and the boys finally show up, LN and I wander the grass a bit(had to take a leak actually) LN had brought the shotgun he was using when he brings it up and tells me he sees a deer. He asks if he can shoot it. I ask him if he has a clear shot and he says yes. The deer then moves a bot so we edge closer to get a clear shot again. We move 10 yards and he says he has a clear shot. I say go for it. LN drops it with the single shot. LN is so excited he starts going for the dear. I have to almost yell at him to stop. He then tells me to look at him and he is holding his hand out and just shaking away!

I edge closer to see the deer and it's head is still up. But LN keeps getting closer to it and I finally have him beside me. Since he dropped all of his slugs on the ground while he was trying to reload I ask him if it was okay for me to finish it off for him. He is shaking so bad that he says yes. So I put a sabot in the deer's head.(less ruinage of the meat I thought) Crap the deer goes wild on us.(We are within 15 feet of it at this time) It finally stops and we check it out. I had thought it was a doe but it was a button buck.

So I drag it over to the other deer and Vipe and I just look at each other. (You know the "what are we going to do now" look)

I decide that since the grassy area we was in was full of water and runs that we would drag the deer close to the road before field dressing them. Vipe and LN take the guns and gear up to the van and so they she could move it also.

Even though this is flat ground and the deer was not huge it is a chore dragging them. TE and I did our best but as we get closer to our destination the rest stops happen frequently. (While we was dragging them out 20 people were driving the field for the big buck, a couple look at the deer and ask if the deer were already shot and which way did they come from)

Then LN and 2 other fellas come down the trail. The 2 hunters then take over dragging the deer out for us.

We get to within 50 yards of where Vipe had parked and we then field dress the deer. The guys help out to get done before dark. However as we was doing it we hear someone yell from the road"Get them dang deer out of there" It was the guys driving the area. The fella helping us told us that thiese guys were idiots and rude asses. They take along ATV's to help them drive the deer on the public lands and on private lands. They also will spotlight the deer to drive them to the areas they want to hunt the next day. They started doing it on the one other area we could see and there was a shot. (The thing here is that ATV's are not allowed on the public lands and they do not have permission on the private)

The guys tells me where they were and that he believed that their actions drove the deer towards us and that they were pissed. He was laughing as he said this also.

So we load the deer on the van and head out. As I was looking in the handbook for a check station the Wildlife officer pulls in and stops by us. LOL he only thinks we have 1 deer. BUt he had gotten a report on the shot that was fired after legal hours. Vipe and I inform him on where it happened and how big the group of guys was and that if he stopped a pick up with a ATV in it that it was highly likely the fellas.

We get the fire station in the closest town(The officer gave us directions) Then as we was leaving a older gentleman had rolled his window down and was motioning to us. Vipe rolls down her window and he asks"How did my deer get on your van?"

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