Leaning a few new things


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
Last night I finaly loaded my first 100 7 mm shells

I crushed the neck on 6 before I figured out that i needed to lube the inside of them. So I lubed 5 more with too much spray lube and ruined the primers:D

the 50 after that went great...

At the range the first 5 I used didnt fire...thought all of them were messed up:D realized it was the 5 that I sprayed the lube into:D

Finanly got to shoot the other 90

Best shot group was 3/4 of an Inche...worst one was 12 feet probably:D

The 7 mm were the 2 new rugers I bought from Bob.

I bought two new nikon scopes for them they were awesome for the money.

My 280 rem shot a great 1/4 inch group with the hand loads, the gun has always shot great at 100 yards but this was even better. I just need to get a good scope on that gun and I will be set.

For the guys that has helped me...thanks it was fun shooting today:D
Well, I can see it now. Another good man spoiled for the rest of his life... He thinks he's gonna save money by reloading,,, He'll be like the rest of us. He'll just shoot more... He'll enjoy it more too.

Come on you guys, don't let him off the hook that easy......

Jason, You've just begun to enjoy the sport of shooting. I hope it gives you as much pleasure and relaxation as it has given me and for as many, if not more years...

I can see what is gonna happen down the road a ways, next comes a custom rifle, custom dies cause ya won't be able to buy factory ammo for it. Next thing ya know ya will be jest like the rest of us, reloader and die poor and don't same a dime, jest shoot more and more and well ya know.

Jason, You should have said that those first 5 were "Flinch tester" rounds. :D:D

I been at reloading for 28 years and I learn something new about every time I sit down to do it. The first year or two, well.... lets just say ya learn from your mistakes, just don't make tooo big of a mistake, that is the key. Do you have anyone close by that can help ya out in a pinch??

Have you given any thought to any wildcat rifles yet? :D:D ;) WD
Heheheheh is a 280 ackley a wildcat?

Dan built me a barrle and scoped my encore for me, it should be home in a couple of weeks:D

I do have a guy that is close to me, he is suppose to come over some time soon, but hasnt yet. I bought new brass that was easy to load, I shot all of it and he is going to come over and show me all the steps again!

I was a little scared the first time that I did pull the trigger, I couldnt get any of the guys around me to shot the rifel first just to see if I did it right:D
Well at least it sounds like you have smart friends. I'm happy for that. You are well on your way.

To answer your question Jason, yes. 280 AI is a wildcat. See guys! He's already on the long sloping road to ruination. Next he'll want to build a 6mm Eargershplitten Loudenboomer, then maybe a 338 Buttwhupper, and who know what after that.
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