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Jul 31, 2015
I drive a lot 40k per year for work. podcast have become my new favorite!

I enjoyed the latest one. I am not a deep thinker by nature. If you asked me why I hunted I would be the classic guy that says I hunt because my dad took me. I often laugh about why I love it so much because we were not always successful and I remember being miserable at times when I was young.

Back to the podcast. While I am not a deep thinker I enjoy listening to those that are. When I hear their thoughts I get light bulb moments and it adds to why I do hunt.

On a lighter side. For that being Randy's podcast he said very little. This is an huge compliment to him. One quality I admire most in a person is knowing when to talk and when to shut up and listen. I thought he did a great job of saying just enough to provide quality to the conversation.

Last am I the only one that though Morgan Freeman was narrating for Shane?