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Dec 23, 2000
So who put in for thoses hard to draw northern Az. mule deer tags. Late rut hunt ?
I did, ya never know, somebodys gotta draw em !
At first I was not going to, but sice I found out I can loose my points if I do not put in for 2 years I decided I better add it to my application.

Glen and I did. Maybe this year, we can go find another big one. Tag that is... I would just like to see a tag with my name on it.

hey John, I think you have miss 5 consecutive years before you loose your points....
Ha Ha you still have time.......

Hey wait you and I talked about archery hunting up there this year when one pointer comes down......

class g hunt licenes non res $113.50
for deer tag is 113.50 for non res
for kaibab deer is 118.50
for elk 317.00
all non res
That looks a little pricey for out of staters. The Kaibab tag is not 118.50 on top of the 113.50 for a deer tag. The Deer Tag is $113.50 and the Kaibab tag is $5.00 extra. Wouldn't want these folks to get the wrong idea... That we didn't want out of state hunters screwing up our chances of getting drawn for Kaibab... Nope.. wouldn't want that at all
Oh, and it's unit 12B you have to choose either east or west. I like the west side for the late hunt. ...................... :cool:

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Dan thats 12 A that you have to choose west or east not 12 b...
only 10% of the tags are issued to out of staters for above the colorado river areas...

Thanks Del. That was before two cups this morning. 12A is Kaibab. We still hunt 112A west. I hope...... :cool:
Thanks Dan & Del. I do not know if I can put in this year or not, but next year is a definite. When are the seasons for deer there?
They have 4 hunts this year.

oct.25-nov.3/ 2 hunts

nov.22-dec.1/ 2 hunts

and the tag fee of 118.50 includes the 5.00 app fee and the 5.00 kaibab fee.

and 113.50 for a non-resident license

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ummmmm errrrrrrr hmmmmmm Delw the Kaibab might just be inline for me this year, since I didn't put in for AZ this year.<tapping foot> I'm still waiting for that vid cam bracket too no hurry tho.
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