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Just Got Back From Kaibab.


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
First scouting trip of the year for the hunt that starts in late October. Looked out west on the flats and in the canyons.. nothing. It was drier than a popcorn fart. Then moved to the transition area between the PJ flast and the high timber country. Again nothing..

Finally moved into the high timber, found some water, and found more muleys than you could beat with a stick.. Only saw one shooter buck, but that's all I need.

We were going to stay another day, but I think the rain gods are trying to make up in one day for the drought that has been going on for several years. As we were coming through Flagstaff, we noticed that there was snow on the San Francisco Peaks. Anyone who hasn't lived in Arizona will find it difficult to understand the implications of snow on the Peaks in September. It's unheard of.

Looking forward to a really good hunt.

Did you take any pictures Danr? I am wondering what the Kaibab looks like. It sounds like a pretty diversified place. Goodluck on the upcoming muley hunt. ;)
Good luck!! Nice to hear about the snow!! Maybe with the EL Nino building we can break this drought this winter. I got snowed on this weekend, but I was a bit north of you!!!
Just talked with another guy who was up there over the weekend. His weather senses aren't as keen as mine. He got snowed/sleeted/hailed in Saturday morning. Couldn't get out until that afternoon.

It looks as though this is going to be a really strange hunt. Everything that Mike was was just like the buck that we saw. Wide and high, but spindley like desert deer. This may not be a really good hunt afterall. But I'm still gonna go.

I'll post some picts tonight...

I heard speculation that the drought was going to hurt antler growth in the desert/sage brush areas. :( I wonder how they're looking in New Mexico? I'd expect it to be similar.
Good luck to ya Dan on the upcoming hunt.Hopefully the weather will cooperate for ya.I know the snow level dropped down to 4000 feet here this weekend so there should be fresh snow in the hills.
Cant wait to see some pics from the scouting trip. :D
Snow on the Friscos this early, that is a good sign ( if your hoping for snow )

Good luck with the deer whaking, I hope ya nail a toad !
Ive seen snow in the kaibab on labor day weekend, while it wasnt alot is was something....

Thanks for the update.
I'll send you my scope measurements soon, but I think I am going to buy the Savage you recommended that one saturday.
I have not gotten my truck yet and will do so by the 12th hopefully.
I have the 24th off through the 31st and will be coming up there on the night of the 23rd. Send me an email as to where we are going to meet. Hope for lots of snow or very cold weather to get them fired up.
Until then, looking forward to the pictures.
Sounds like you had a good trip. Thats a long dirve for only one day of scouting to bad you got rained out. I am leaving on Oct 17 to take my grandson on his first deer hunt (youth hunt does only) I don't know who is the most pumped him or me. When we get back I will post some info on weather and what I saw as far as buckes go. By the way did you see a lot of does up there last time I was there they were behind every bush.
All of the does were up high on the south end around Parrsawampits and Timp point or up north on Deer Ridge. Either of those areas should produce well for you.

I will send you an email with my home phone number. If you need more info, give me a call in the evening after about 7:00.


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