June Hunters - Better get tags!

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
I just spent the whole evening running around, trying to find someone who still had 2001-2002 Pig Tags. Big 5 was out of them, and one store told me that they had been "recalled." Yeah, right. Maybe you sold out of them and didn't order more since the year ends on June 30, but don't tell me they were recalled. I treid two differdent Big 5 stores, then Wal-mart (who doesn't sell hunting licenses anymore???) before remembering that I bought a license a few years ago at K-Mart. Lo and behold, they had one book of tags left. :D
So, if you are a resident hunter, better start getting your tags soon if you don't already have them! Chopper said the K-Mart in Hollister has the non-resident licenses and tags. Remember - you need 2001-2002 tags, NOT 2002-2003!
Can you go directly to the people that make them? Texas went to computer printed tags a few years ago to help solve problems like that. I'm sure that's good news for you,eh? Good luck.
I just talked with Jerry at Muenzers Cyclery and Sports in Hollister. 831-637-2121. He has both non-resident licenses and tags. He also has resident tags. It might be worth calling him to double check and see if he'll hold something for you.

Thanks for the info! tnctcb and I will roll into town a little early to track down the licenses and tags.

uh.....why do you have pig tags???

Here in Tn there is no season...no limit...kill all you want...stackem' up like cord wood...all you need is general hunting license.
Here in CA, theres no limit or season either. The DFG uses the tags to track how many pigs are taken per year. Oh yeah and they want more of our money!!! :( :(