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Island Park Elk


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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
I have always hunted in Montana. Recently I moved to firgn' Maryland, so consequently I have to buy a nonresident license now. So I was thinking that if I don't draw out in Montana I would go to ID.

I grew up chasing elk in the Madisons around Ennis MT. I like to pack in and hunt the widerness areas to get away from most of the people and find the "dumber" elk.

I am planing on going on a bowhunting trip back home (Ennis) this fall if I get drawn. If I don't get drawn I would like to go to ID, just due to the fact that I don't have to cut off a nut(only half) to go and I know I can get a permit. A nother reason is close proximity to Ennis, so I thought that I could do the Island park area or the Teton area.

I guess what I am asking is do any of you guys think that I could do alright in those areas? Is there a lot of pressure? I tend to think there would be quite a bit, but am not sure.

I have been in and around Island park in the fall but never hunting for elk. I know that I can find one somewhere down there. I guess what I am really asking is... Do I have a chance bowhunting around Henrey's lake/Island Park/Centenial Valley or would it be a frikn zoo? Is there possibly a better place to hunt in that close proximity.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. willing to swap info on elk/deer/antelope/anything hunting in Montana for ID info;) clarkivan@yahoo.com

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
West Slope, CO

Unit 61 has some outstanding elk hunting during the archery hunt. Lots of public access. There are areas that get heavy pressure, but if you're willing to get away by doing footwork, you'll get into elk. In some areas, there are a lot of ATV trails and roads, hence lots of road hunters.

Unit 59 is also a good one that is close to you.

T Bone

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