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Apr 26, 2001
Southern, Id.

I am new to Idaho. I did not do well in the Draw, all I got was a 50-2 antelope tag. I know very little about the area. Any suggestions on where to begin would be appreciated. I also have to hunt an open deer hunt in south central Idaho any good ideas on that would be a great help.

Man I thought you fell off the face of the earth. How the hell have you been?? As for 50-2 I know the area pretty well and I did see a pretty good buck up there a couple weeks ago. My daughter Kasi, (the one that had the buck tag last year) Has a September Bull tag for a rifle hunt this year :^)
I am excited to go. Give he a hollar I can help on the pronghorn hunt with some info. Ron
Leet, I'm pretty new to all of ya, so tell me a little about yourself, where your from, when you can hunt etc, 50-2 is right out my back door, I can probably help, hehehe ;) ;) H2m
H2M...I might have to hit ya up for a spot or 2 in unit 50 as I got a 50X tag good for 2 whitetail bucks. I'm not real familiar with the area but have seen them around the Lost River and Trail Creek, mostly private there. I could goto the Dubois area but trying to stick closer to home.
MTRANCH, The whitetails in unit 50 are still kinda a novelty, but the herd is on the rise,you are right about the private property problem, but I would concentrate on the area west of the mackay dam, you can acess it on the fish hatchery road, and its just a matter of waiting for em to come out of the bottoms to the BLM, which they will do.I'll keep my eyes open. H2M
H2M..Thanks I know where that is I live in Stanley so not too far of a drive for me. I will gt out and scout myself I will probably only get a chance to go the second week in Oct and then again during Nov. Depends how fast I put some other critters down in neighboring states.
Well looks like Everything is getting covered here :D :D

Leet I recognise that HAndle.... HAve we talked or do you post else were ... Forgive my Forgetfullness....

I live between Buhl and Hagerman about 2 miles from the river. I work for Jerome County and I can go hunting when I want to!! If not I'll find a new job!! I appreciate your response. I have not been up that way to scout at all yet. Are there any decent goats up that way?

Idaho Ron Where the hell have you been? I thought maybe you had died in the recent past. How are the goats? Call or stop by or email.

Moosie- We have corresponded a bit.

I still need input for general deer. What are you gonna do Ron? I been thinking about 45 with a smokepole. What with the water thingb the way it is. Saw a couple a dandies out there this winter.

Thanks for all the responses.
lEET, As you were probably aware when you put in for a 50 goat tag , that the population is suffering, hence the reason for the tag reduction this year, and you drew on the toughest section of the unit :confused:
but I've seen two bucks in the 14" range, nothing real heavy, or with decent prongs , but still shooters in 50-2, concentrate on the area west of Arco -champange creek area, when you get ready, I'll give you some landowners names that might let you in, which is your best bet. H2M
lEET, I reread your post, and am curious about a 45 smokepole hunt(general) I drew 45-1 last year and had a ball, 45-3 is unlimited , but you still had to put in for it, where the heck ya talking about?

not that it's any of my business, but I don't want to miss out on any B/P hunts...
My copy of the regs is at the office, but last year they had a general muzzleloader hunt on the southern half of 45. It is mostly farmland. Maybe they have changed it this year, I did not pay any attention yet. If you are interested in going on that, if it is still there let me know. I will check and get back with you.

Thanks for the advice on 50. I intend to shoot a 45-70 with BP and cast bullets so it will make harder yet.
HUNT2MUCH, Where do you live?? I hang around Arco and Mackay quite a bit, and know a bunch of people up there.
Leet, HUNT2MUCH is right the open unit 45 BP hunt is OVER AND GONE. It is now a unlimited tag. Ron
H2M, Do you know Mike Dodge, or David Keel?? I bet you know Dave Sil****.
I used to hunt up there a couple years ago with Pack Goats. I was kind of famous in Mackay. More than once I was treated to a round a Perks.
IDAHO RON,yA I know em all, Dave is my neighbor, as far as a round at Perks, I'm sorry!!!! good to hear from a Lost Riverite though.
Idaho RON.. Around ARCO ?~?~~? Do you know a Taxidermist "JAy Stewart" ?~?~ He is a great friend of mine. He helped me mount my Moose. He also HAs a HUGH-FRIGGING-Moundous Trophie room with MANY MANY Full size animals.... If you ever are there.... Stop by his place. Tell Him Oscar sent ya :D Or if ya do know him, I'll tell him hi for ya !!!
Moosie, he helped you mount a MOOSE! does he have a real tall bucket for you to stand on ;)
I am not Familiar with that name. There was a taxidermist at leslie I think. I can remember a sign when I drove past. Let me know more about him I would like to see his place. Ron
Idaho Ron, Bag the guy at Leslie,one of the best around is WyldeWood out of Mackay(Greg Mitchell) to get to Jay's place, take the first left out of Arco, go about 3mi and take the 2nd right, He's right on the corner, Jay's a real great guy and one heck of a hunter, h2m ;)
H2M, who did the mounts in the the gas station called sammys and the cenex in Mackay. The little bucks in the cenex are small deer but the taxidermist did a GREAT job on them. Ron

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