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May 26, 2003
I'm considering an archery hunt to Idaho Unit 50 or 76 this year. I've hunted elk a Colorado Unit 441 before, how will this area compare? I spoke with a biologist and he told me that there is a fair amount of pressure/ATV's in this area, but if I get back in far enough and away from the roads I should be ok. I'm not looking for anyones honey hole but would appreciate some advice on a good place to start. Also, what is the proper way to care for meat in warm weather, ex how much time do I have to get it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Glad to have you here at Hunt Talk MagDog. I can't help you at at all with Idaho, but I am sure there are a few n here who may be able to help. Don't be a stranger now.
I have never hunted unit 50 before, but I hunted unit 76 two years ago. 76 is probably the most popular bowhunting elk unit in Idaho and it gets a lot of pressure/atv's. A lot of non-residents hunt this unit. Although the unit gets a lot of pressure, there are a lot of elk and some good bulls. We saw three bulls the year we hunted it that were pushing the 350 mark and several 320-330 bulls. We just couldn't seal the deal to take one. My dad's buddy hunts 76 every year and has taken nice 6 point bulls three years straight now.

The key with hunting 76 is leaving the calls alone. The bulls are very call shy from the hunting pressure. If you can find a secluded water source in this unit that is far from a road, you will kill elk every year.
I grew up hunting Unit 76. And have hunted Elk Several seasons there but have never had much luck due to lack of time. I've only been able to hunt either archery or Rifle a few days a year for the last 8 years.
I've been able to harvest a Deer every year that I've hunted and I've taken one 165 B&C class 4x4 Buck in Unit 76.

It's true that The hunting is very heavy in these units and there are lots and lots of hunters that go to the Soda Springs area and unit 76. ATV use is a big problem and lots of people don't have any manners while on one.

I had a 7x7 bull coming into a wallow that I was set up on and had a hunter who was Hell bent on getting to his Spot that he ran on past me, not seeing me or the Bull that I was trying to nail. The bull ran off and I didn't see him again until after the season had ended. (If I had a gun I would have poached that a$$holes ATV.)

There are lots and lots of Elk, in fact they are a real problem right now. The fish and game has upped the Draw tags for cow elk in the Unit from 1000 to 1500 this year, but has left the bull tags the same.
Another note is that alot of the land is tied up behind private property, ranches and Old Phosphate mines. Much of the access is best found in the Caribou National forest, but you might want to know that camping areas are hard to find (some one else already has it) and the established camp ground have rules about having game remains in them. Camping is limited to 14 days and the Rangers do patrol. There has also been a ban durring that time of year on open fires due to drought, you get one warning and then a big fine. (I used to work for the forest service.)
Drop me a line and I'll see where I can help.
I don't know about unit 50 though.


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Maddog, unit 50 is my back yard, it like 76 is hit real hard, you need to know uo front, unit 50 falls under the new ATV ban units, zero use of a ATV is allowed during hunting, if you have in your possesion, a hunting license, a tag , and a firearm or bow, and they mean it as recently witnessed by several bear baiters, the conditions of the area show another dry drought summer and fall which has really screwed up the sept hunt.. anyway let me know if you need more info h2m
Thanks for all the info/help, I never expected so much feedback. This is a great board with a great group of people. I'm new at elk hunting and I have so much to learn, and I finally found people willing to help. Thanks again.
Magdog,we have spent time in both unit's.
More in unit 50,51.
Have seen and heard elk in both unit's.
Great country.
Dont let the talk about ATV's scare you off.
While there are alot of people that use them we have never had a hard time getting away from them.
The new ATV restriction's will help in keeping them to the more main road's,it isn't a ban on ATV's only a restriction on what road's they can use them on for hunting.
We hunted in unit 51 during the labor day week end ,it was packed with people,both hunting and just out camping,
We still saw elk every day,and had no problem getting away from other hunter's.
The call's are tricky in that unit as well.
Be in good shape and willing to hike ,you should find good hunting in either unit.
From what we saw the unit's around soda spring's got hit with the most people.
But again most stuck close to the road's.
Check out map's Hike in ,be in good shape and carry GOOD BINO's .
Good Luck & have fun.
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