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Mar 5, 2003
southwest missouri
Well we have had better hunts. Sat. we got to the campground and set up camp and it started raining, then it sleated for about two minutes then it turned to snow and we were all excited. Sun. at 3 pm it was still snowing with about 8 inches on the ground we decided to get out while the getting was good. We left the area and went to meyers point all we found there were outfitters and they were not doing any better than us. So thursday we packed up and came back to Missouri. We did see quite a few mule deer and one bear, and I think we all need to go to Wyoming to help thin out the speed goat herd.
Sounds familiar!!!! Weird weather, we left early (from Unit 19) as well because of snow. I know, snow is good, but sometimes safety changes that!!! People have to be pulled out by cat's to get out of the Gospel Hump area every year, and I didn't feel like paying for that!

Good luck on the "speed goats"!!!!
I here ya on the WY critters! It sure looks easy from I-80, but I've never hunted 'em, so maybe looks are deceiving. Also saw some nice mulie bucks inside the ROW fence. I would imagine that if the WY guys see this thread, though, they will quickly inform us that what we saw was the exception, and that there are no antelope in WY. ;)
I figured they have some regs about shooting close to roads and interstates. I tried looking up Wyoming fish and game regulations, but I'll need 8 years of collage to figure them out. Hell I couldn't find a map with the units on it. We did see one nice mulie buck, but I don't remember were he was. What do you think of the drive through Nebraska?
What a snore! Fortunately, I got to sleep through most of it both ways. Used to be that the only thing that justified going thru Nebraska was a stop at Cabela's. Since we got our own BIG Cabela's here in PA, a visit to the store in Sidney is like trying to enjoy the rides at a fireman's carnival right after a trip to Busch Gardens. Saw a few WT in Neb, but it was hot, and some of the local ladies were doin' the skimpy outfits thing, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Saw 4 or 5 mulie bucks together (one maybe 26") in the Medicine Bow area. I haven't looked at the odds to see if that is a tough area to draw or not. I really am considering a trip to WY before too many more years, but my better half will have something to say about that, I'm sure.
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