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idaho elk 48


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Jan 16, 2001
eugene, oregon, usa
Hey guys - I read your site daily, but haven't posted much. I'm heading elk hunting in 48 this year oct 15. I'm curious if anyone knows what caliber of bulls roam that country? I will only have a week, so I don't plan on being toooooo picky. Thanks - Brian
48 ? Thats a wierd Unit for an Origonian to go too. I personally haven't hunted it but Thats in a Good area if I'm thinking right. If I'm not mistaken it's between Bennet Mnt and the Sawtooth ? I also think It's a Draw for the Rifle and jsut a Gen Bow hunt ? Help me out I haven't hunted it before.....

Which are you doing ?
It's the oct 15 - nov 9 rifle hunt. The unit boundry is basically just to the west of sun valley/hailey area - between bennet mnt and sawtooth. I'm really looking forward to going, I just wish I had more time. I finally got lucky and have drawn to many tags this year! Brian
I have been in the unit a lot. Every unit in Idaho can put out a 300 class bull. 48 is no exception. I don't think I would ever put in for that unit but that's the question.
Units 43,44,49 have GOOD bulls in the 350 to 375 range. There is no reason 48 would not have them. You should make sure of the boundrys. Your southern boundry is a little off. Ron
Thanks Ron....I will look into the boundries better! Do you think the bulls will still be with the cows that time of year or will they all ready be by themselves? Also would you do a lot of glassing or would you be hunting the timber?Thanks - Brian
Brain that is a great unit. I have archery hunted it and I bait in that unit also. The boundaries are from Timberman hill west of the road to you get North of Ketchum up along Trail creek on the east side of highway to Galena summit down along the ridge to Dollarhide and south to Moonstone ranch. I have seen some good bulls all year round there.
They will still be grouped up. The bigger bulls might not all be with cows. But alot will because if hot and dry the rut will come in alittle later and the bulls will be waiting for any cows to come into second estrus.
Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.
The elk should be using natural feed this time of the year. They don't feed them until they have to. supersider34, is right. The BIG bulls will be holed up by them selfs. If it were me I would hunt the first week, then I would not touch it again until the last week. If I only had one week I would go late. Ron
Ron - I'm just curious why the last week? Is it because less hunting pressure? I want to get all the info I can. Hate to say it, but I have never killed a bull. I have killed on cow with my bow. Thanks - Brian
Good luck to you and we need lots of pics of your adventures...
I like to hunt big bulls as late as I can. The big bulls head to winter range together. If you see a lot of cows in the late season look in another place. Sure you might see a 300 class bull in the cows in late season. But the BIG boys are going to be alone. Ron

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