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ID refuses to send wolves to CO, joining WY and MT.

Without seeing the complaint it's hard to judge, but I'm not sure there is a case here. At least there is nothing compelling disclosed in the linked article. Might get an injunction while the court considers the merits of the case and how likely plaintiffs are to prevail, since wolf release is imminent.
From another article:

"The lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgment that the federal and state wildlife agencies violated the law by renewing an Endangered Species Act agreement without preparing an environmental impact statement on the reintroduction of gray wolves and a court order to delay reintroduction until it is complete."


Off the cuff thought, could it be argued natural re-introduction has already accomplished the first step for 2023? Was it defined the re-introduction must be via human transplant?

" Proposition 114 - now state statute 33-2-105.8 - directs the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to develop a plan to restore and manage gray wolves in Colorado no later than December 31, 2023. "

Apparently, as of 2021 there were a confirmed 6 wolves in Colorado with one new letter of six pups. That was 2021. If Colorado has been in the process of developing mangement of wolves (@Oak , you have HT threads from 2004 to present related to such) would this not comply with Proposition 114 language?

I'm sure there are attorneys working six ways from Sunday to find ways to curtail the human forced re-introduction though sometimes a noob thought within the deep halls of court spur a K.I.S.S. thought from some po-dunk dude in MT. :ROFLMAO:
So Colorado may not be soon taking some of these Oregon wolves off our hands? Thanks a lot guys
My only question is- how soon can I hunt wolves in Colorado?
Ha ha. Laughing along with you. The joke continues. Likely will never get to hunt them. This whole initiative is predicated on a fantasy view of nature where a mythical balance occurs and hunters are the odd man out. The wolves take our place. The thing that is not acknowledged is that nature running its course can be downright bloody and cruel looking from a human perspective. Those that have never actually hunted and killed something you won’t understand the reality of that. This fantasy does not understand that in an entirely human impacted world wildlife needs to be managed. At some point, wolves will likely need to be hunted but they will never allow that. It’s going to get real ugly with wolves on the landscape here. Already happening in north park.
Today the Federal Judge is expected to rule on the injunction.
Hey, works for the eco-terrors. Might chalk one for the correct side yelling an iceberg is dead ahead.

Wasn't about 14 years between reintroduction in Yellowstone and the first wolf hunts in Idaho? I'll be a bit old in 15 years, but I'm a patient man. I'm sure we'll have wolf hunts here in Colorado eventually
"The judge has not yet issued a ruling in this lawsuit filed to delay the reintroduction of gray wolves to Colorado. The Associated Press erroneously published a report saying that a judge had denied the request. Previous coverage can be found below and this story will be updated when the judge’s ruling is released."

So there's hope?

Very interesting retraction.
Perhaps these wolves are mineral deficient , like lead and copper. We the people that like to see other wildlife can help with that.
The ruling denying the injunction is official now.

“The court finds that, while the petitioners who have lived and worked on the land for many years are understandably concerned about possible impacts of this reintroduction, neither these possible impacts nor their assertions … are sufficient for this court to grant the extraordinary relief they seek,” Rodriguez wrote in the 19-page ruling that came down at 7:25 p.m. Friday.
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