I wonder how the NM hunts are going?

Hope they are Doing good. I was thinknig about them last week ~~~~~

I can't believe they don't have a satalite phone... Don't they think of us First ?!!?!? ;)

Cali, Good luck to you when ya head out !!!!
We sucked a big ol' goose egg!000000000000000000

Damn I hate it when that happens! That is only the second elk tag in the last 5 years I have eaten.....the other was a bowhunt near yellowstone last year when Buzz and I found ourselves in an elkless area. Not the case this year......just swirling wind, too many harem cows, and loads of bad luck and inexperience bowhunting big bulls. The smaller bulls were a piece of cake.....but the toads seemed to have a little more between the ears:).....go figure,..guess that is why they got so damn big!!!!! We said going in it would be a bull at least 320ish or tag soup.....and it really doesn't taste that bad with salt and Tony Z's:)
I got a friend that's sitting in the UNMC hospital with crushed leg from when his mule rolled over on him. Then to add insult to injury the mule stepped on his thigh and calf to get up... needless to say his leg is in bad shape but his spirits are good.

it only took an Air Force Chopper to get him out... Thanks to his hunting group for quick work and relaying GPS quards to the 911 folks.

Damn.....and to think I only got kicked yesterday morning in the mid thigh area and am on crutches.....hell, I came off light compared to the donkey-rolling incident. Ya see..that's what I like about the board......you can always find someone who has it worse off than you! :D

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