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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Hummmm If this is like this all day I guesss It wasn't meant to be :(

Thats what I get waiting.... EH ?!?!?!

Arizona Game & Fish Department
Online Application
Start New Application:
The Arizona Game & Fish Department Online Application Website is currently down for system maintenance. Please check back in one hour.
Mi Amigo, Welcome to the ive been screwed by the state of az. fan club! dont give up yet that fat lady aint singin till its over!!!! hang in there bro! just think it may be 20 yrs like Delw or just six yrs like me!!!:(
I hadn' heard you mention applying in AZ, too - just Idaho and Montana and Saskatchawan. Or is this the benefit of the wife owing you one for watching the sister-in-law's kids???

Did I mention that I drew New Mexico muzzleloader???? :D :D :D
CALI.. there is ALOt of stuff the wife doesn't know .... I only mension the ones she knows about.. Or will soon know :D :D

CHECK this out !!

Deadline for On-line Hunt Draw Applications
Extended to 7 p.m. on June 12, 2002

The Arizona Game and Fish Department's On-line Hunt Draw Application was unable to accept applications during a period of time from approximately 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 10 until 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2002. This systems failure in no way affected already submitted applications. As a result, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission in an emergency telephonic meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 directed the Department to extend the On-line Hunt Draw Application until 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12, 2002. This extended deadline applies only to on-line applications and does not apply to paper applications. The Department apologizes for any inconvenience this system failure may have caused.

The On-Line Hunt Draw Application system is currently operational.
Where did you find the site for non-residents???

When I tried to send mine in via internet it was rejected and was for residents only :(

dELWS Going down to the office now. He's goingto ask. If they don't accept Credit cards for Non-res, He'll just cover me .. It's only like 1,000 +- I think.. Dele keeps that kind of cash in his Pockets :D :D

I'll know more in less then an hour Flipper....
Hey Oscar thats why I mailed mine in on Tuesday 4,2002

ha... mines done been processed and, fingers crossed, got my hunt. :D

but I guess like the rest we will find out on 7-26-02

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 06-11-2002 16:58: Message edited by: FLIPPER ]</font>
WELL.. I can do it ONLINE...... HAd a disclamer in there for People back east married to their sister though... I'm not sure if that had anything todo wth why yo couldn't do it ?!?!?!? :D :D :D
they said they do accept online cc's from non residents why they didnt for you I have no idea.....

I did have the money in my pocket for 2 hours oscar now its in aprils.....I would have covered you with minimal interest too LMAO

Well dang took Delw 20 years to draw??? Only took me first year to draw AZ bull now I didn't say was the best bull elk unit in the state but if it weren't for mess ups on my part I'd have a dandy 6X6 on the wall and saw tons of bulls guess I was too picky also. oooooops oh well, now if I can only afford to go back again<sigh> Maybe 2003 I'll be able to fork over the cash once again and apply.
KOO KOO KATCHOO !!!!! Ap is in !!!!!

BULL ELK $366.00
Aplication FEES, $15.00

Look on the Wifes FACE if I actually Draw on one of these TAGS, and explain how I'm hunting Idaho, Montana, Arizona ......... P R I C E L E S S ! ~ ! ~ !

:D :D
Looks like someone has a lot of explaining to do!!

Priceless huh. That's what you're gonna be you keep this out of state thing up.
Mrs. Moosie
Looking at the title of this thread and the last remark, maybe the phrase would be "for the last time". It looks like someone will be kissing a lot of butt for a while... just to get even..

That would be an awesome hunt. Go easy on him, make him promise to never do it again, make him put matching money in for you to do something, and for the kids to do something. I think he's planning on one trip out of state, just through several places on the way. I hope it works out. I just made this stuff up, unless it helps. ;)
SHIT !!!!!!!! WHO told Mrs Moosie !!!!! DANG !!!

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. BABE.. Uhhhhh I was uhhhhhhhh.......
.... WELL ya see... I uhhhhhhhhh.... DID I tell you you look NICE today..... :D I was gonig home to do the Dishes and cut the grass and Give you a message tonight and ....... Uhhhhhhhhhhh.......
HOPE that you might, .. Uhh MAYBE not mind that Iput in Uhhhh ANOTHER STATE ?!?!?

Whhhho!!!! Is it getting fuggin HOt in here .. My hands are SWEATING !!!!

Uhhhhhhh SEE you at home hun !!!
The gift of gab seems to have left the Pan Man. :eek:

My wife was getting a little peeved, since I went to Texas on Easter, then was off Memorial Day weekend shooting ground squirrels, watching hogs and getting ready for last weekend at Chopper's (instead of being there for a nephew's birthday party), went to Chopper's last weekend (missed another nephew's birthday party), paid Chopper to shoot a pig when I can shoot all I want at Ruth's, etc.

She was okay last night when I told her about drawing elk in New Mexico...other than saying "We've got half a freezer full of elk still, and now a pig in there! What do you need another elk for?" "Why, I need to find a bigger one, hun." :D

I want to know, though, who told her that I could just have a bigger bull's antlers put on my 6-point???? :rolleyes:
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