I drew a once in a lifetime sheep tag at 25. Now what?

Congrats! You'll make but happen just do the best you can and be ok with it, its just a sheep... My wife ate a sheep tag because she was 8 months pregnant when the season opened.

Little babies are easy, they sleep all the time. Once mom gets back on her feet and you get into a routine it's pretty easy going for a while. The emotional rollercoaster is rough on the ladies.

Hopefully you have family that can help her out while you're gone? Or a close friend? Slipping away for a week maybe easier said than done for you though. I hated being away from my kids for more than 5-7 days at a time, mostly because of how much extra work is is for mom to do alone.
Thanks! We will absolutely make it happen. Ive got family that lives about 45 minutes away from where ill babe hunting!
Lots of great advice has been given, here's my take:

Try and get the wife out scouting with you - make it "our" sheep hunt, not "my" sheep hunt. Hopefully the pregnancy and delivery goes without a hitch - if she has the child via c-section, it's a long recovery process. Adjust hunt expectations accordingly. You've probably already figured this out, but women have a crazy good memory. 20 years from now, you won't want to hear, "Remember that time you had a sheep tag and we had a newborn . . . " Take the advice @Oak and @Khunter have given you - collectively those two probably know more people who have killed sheep/been apart of successful sheep hunts than anyone.

Most importantly, spend all the time possible with that little one - time flies and there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, like having children. Of second importance, come back and give us a recap of the hunt!

Best of luck!
1) get really good with a 6.5 prc or a .270@500 yards. 2) get in great shape. 3) hire a sheep guide for your unit. 4) get great glass.

@popeyoung12, it sounded like the hunting was tough in the White Mountains last year. Too bad about all of the deadheads.

Is that the ram you ended up getting? Did you use the 6.5 PRC or the 270?
That's not my ram. I took the 5th ram I could have killed. Yes, winterkill was brutal. But the only tag punched of 6. 16 hour day, best hunt of my life.
Hell I've already had one removed due to complications in high school :ROFLMAO:. People don't understand pain and pain tolerance until an experience like that.
So you are already half nuts? Jk. Welcome to sheep fever and best of luck!
Somehow by the grace of God I managed to pull a Colorado S63 desert sheep tag for 2024. 1 of 3 tags for the unit and 1 of 14 resident tags statewide. The fun now begins. First off, I have from October 1 - December 29 off of work due to my first child that is due October 8. Great timing I know. However I have the most unbelievable wife who understands what this tag means and is fully supportive of me hunting the entire season. I live about 5 hours from the unit so I will not be terribly far from home. With the entire season off and only minimal responsibilities ;) where should I start? To those who have hunted sheep before, where did you start?
Make sure you get as much time as you can in both fields. This first few weeks are special, and I’m not talking the sheep hunt
Congrats on the tag. Don’t really understand all the drama on the thread about the newborn. My wife was at the lake house with our new baby girl three days after birth. Good luck. There’s nothing like the experience of putting your hands on the bases of your own ram. But holding your child for the first time is better.