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Jun 3, 2002
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Let's see some pictures of the hunting camps that you have used.


This was my first hunting camp, in 1978, in the West Elk Wilderness. Wasn't as miserable as it looks.


We backpacked into Ruby Lake in 1985. The fishing was great.


Here's a picture of our first big hunting camp in the West Elk Wilderness, 1990. We set it up in the aspen at the lower timberline to avoid the snow, but spent a lot of time driving up to hunt in the snow.


Eventually we started setting a pretty elaborate elk camp. This camp combines two of the setups from 1990 plus the big wall tent and some accessory tents. We setup this elaborate camp in the West Elk Wilderness for ten years.


Finally got tired of setting up that big elaborate camp and bought a cabin in the mountains. But you know sonetimes I miss that elk camp. That cabin just isn't the same.


Here's our meat pole. It's behind the wall tent and the meat hangs in the shade. It freezes at night and stays like that until we leave. That year was good for mule deer.

Here's a few more camps. We weren't hunting but the camping was fun.


This camp is half way up the Kahiltna Glacier of Mount McKinley.


Here's a camp on the coast of the Olympic Penninsula.


Camped on Green Ridge of Mount Shasta.

Lets se...maybe this camp


or it might have been this one...


Actually the main camp we use is an old military tent...then we spike out from there, time and weather dependent



That looks like a great setup. You can get a camper into places where you can't take a travel trailer. I suppose that the horse trailer too has it's limitations. But I suppose that you can always drop the trailer and ride the horses a ways if the road gets rough.

I like your outfit.


In that first picture there are four guys plus the photographer. Five guys in that teepee tent is kind if tight quarters. I like you wall tent better.


Those popup campers work pretty good as long as the weather stays warm and dry. I camped in one once when it snowed while we were out hunting. We all came back to the camper covered in snow and wet. The moisture evaporated from our clothes and condensed on the canvas walls, then dripped down at the ends and onto our sleeping bags. What a mess.

Still they may be the best compromise for warm weather camping. Seem to combine everything in a very small package. The trailers are small enough that you can often take them onto to some very rough roads so long as you are careful.


Now that's what I call and elk camp tent. Does moisture ever condense on the bottom of the roof under the tarp? Or do you keep the tarp up off of the roof?

KC- That camp was (many times) in the Desolation and Murderer's Creek Units of Eastern Oregon.
My uncle Paul(red suspenders on the right) was retired and absolutley loved being the camp beotch ;) he made the gun rack, 4 burner cook top, cook stove with a baking compartment and hot water jacket, was pretty dang luxurious IMHO and we didn't lack for eats

The camp was right on the creek and we could dang near hunt right out of the tent but would always spike it for a 2-3 day run somehwere in the middle of the hunt before heading back to "Paul's Palace".

The old timer pics were taken by my wife's great grandfather when he homesteaded in the Bitterroot.
They had a small place up in Ross's Hole and later south of Darby. I've got a ton on pics I copied of his old plate glass negatives and then we donated the orignals to the museum in Hamilton.
By the way, fourth one in from the left was my ol' elk slayer (before I got into bow hunting) back in those days---Mod 600 .350 Rem Mag. had that gaudy laminated stock and vent rib
topped off with the ol' reliable steel tubed K4 Weaver....that short stick did love the lodgepole!
GP large tent use 4 poles spaced about 10 feet apart. It looks more like a circus tent. You can use ridge beams but they are not required. They are a bitch to set up and tear down. The damn this is 18x54. They are heavy enough without having to haul around ridge beams.

Tent, GP Large, Canvas, Used

US Military General Purpose Large Tent system. 18' x 54' Canvas Tent. Complete with ropes, sidewall & center poles. Sidewall height 5'8". Center ceiling height 12'3". Roof chimney flaps for stove. Horizontal ridge beam is optional for an additional $49.95. Remember, the ridge beam IS NOT required to use this tent. Also, tent stakes are not included but can be purchased at an additional $1.50/ea. Due to our constant rotation of stock, tent prices are subject to change at any time. Tent weight is 400 lbs., Complete system weight approx. 660 lbs
Elk Camp 2003. Camped in the same place for 5 or 6 years now. Been hunting the same area though since 1980. It's in the rainforrest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washingtons coast.





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