Hunter's Self Test


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Dec 25, 2000
I've read many posts by flatlanders who are about to make their first big game hunt in the mountains. They are generally concerned with physical fitness (as well they should be).
However, the mountains and the game give no allowances as to where you're from, your age, physical fitness, mental preparedness, or ability to shoot under controlled situations.
While much of my game has been taken under ideal situations (rested, no hurry, good shooting rest), sometimes all does not go by the book.
This test is an attempt to simulate excitement, exertion, and a hurried shot. While many of the older or out of shape hunters may scream "foul", as I said earlier, the mountains and the game do not make any allowances for these conditions.
For this exercise you'll need a 300 yard range, 9" paper plate (generally accepted as a sure-kill zone on most big game) and an assistant to time you.
#1. Target at 50 yards - Start at target, run (jog or walk fast) to 50 yard mark, turn and fire 2 rounds, off hand. Time allowed: 20 seconds.
#2. Target at 100 yards. - Start at target, run (jog or walk fast) to 100 yard mark, turn and fire 2 rounds from kneeling or sitting position. Time allowed: 35 seconds.
#3. Target at 300 yards. - Start 200 yards from target, run (jog or walk fast) away from target giving 300 yard total distance. Fire 3 rounds using either prone position, shooting sticks or rest (day pack, top of rock, fence post, etc.). Time allowed: 50 seconds.
I know there are many who may not agree with the format but I think it may "help" most hunters appreciate the difficulty in making the "sure-kill" zone shot in less than desirable conditions. You might even find it fun! -memtb

As you will notice I edited the times. My wife and I just ran through the course and it's a little tough with the original times. Younger folks will probably be able to complete each test faster but I wanted to be fair with everyone. In other words, I found "my mind willing but the body weak!". -memtb

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"A Man Has Got to Know His Limitations"

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Dec 10, 2000
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Good post memtb... That will get the heart pumping so people can actually see what it looks like thru a scope...When you shoot alot you can pattern your heart beat and pull the trigger at the right time for a perfect shot... While most dont notice this you will if you use 12x all the way up to 36x scopes... even sitting down for an hour glassing when you finally see your game your heart will be pumping enough to see it thru the scope....