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huge boar!!


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Mar 12, 2001
I can't figure out how to post the pics all together,but here is another pic of him and the hunter.
Great Bear, now I would love to have that bear stretched out on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Can you tell us the weight and height of that beauty.

That is a nice bear for sure Wtail. Congrats on a fine animal. How about the full story on that bear?

Once you post one picture just hit enter and do the next one. It will show up under the first one.
Now thats a nice bear !!!!!!!!! And 20"s .. That would make ANY man proud !!! :eek: Anything over 19"s is big to me :D :D
Damn... :eek: Now THAT's a MONSTER!!!!.....How the hell did you get him on the quad?? Let's hear the story....

How long was he head to tail? Any idea what he weighed (dont make it a round number or the experts wont believe you ;) )
This bear scored over 20"he was takin on the second day at camp in nortern saskatchewan canada.What a Hog!!!!(believe it or not this bear was passed up the first night because a larger one was spotted the day before)
Whatever you say for the weight, don't say 400 pounds

You will be called a liar and no one has a scale for weighing that much ;)

Just say something like 100 pounds, even maybe 150 pounds, because bears just do not get that big :D

I bet it was on steroids or something of the like ;)
Now THAT'S a good bear! Nice and round, beautiful coat, a great trophy! And since we now know not to say 400 lbs., just say 397 lbs. 14.75 ounces and nobody will doubt you!

I hope you did have a way to weigh him!

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I would love to see the bear, but all I am getting is a red "X". I have tried the right click thing, but it doesn't work. Oh well, I am sure I will get to see it someday.
Also don't tell them it weight 75lbs...You will be considered a bambi killer.....and that is bad...LOL... :D :D :D
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