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Howd you do today Tobey??

George P

New member
Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
I should be up there around 5 or 6 tomorrow night.I will take your number with me so that I can call you WHEN I get lost!LOL
What do you use for 2 way radios ?I have VHF handhelds and 1 in my truck that we can use.Do you have collars with your name on them that I can use.Anyone up there sees a dog from the flatlands of N.H. I will probably never see them again.LOL
Ran 2 cats today,Didn't get ether one.The first one just cold trailed for about 3 hrs.and lost it.The second one I think treed but couldn't find where.David see the cat one time dogs where only about 20yds behind it when he lined out to a thicket and the race stopped there no track out.I will be here from 4
m on tomorrow and I do have collars with my name on them.Anybody finds a hound up here bring them to me or David first.(We get first pick LOL)We use VHS radios too bring your.See you when you get here.
PS. Paul Lany may hunt with us too.

We having fun yet//Tobey
First pick.LOL I like that one Dale.I dont know Paul but have heard alot about him.Sounds fine to me.He wont mind if I try and run a hound will he??
How about we get a couple cats in the morning ,then about noon or so we put on a 40 or 50 lb coyote and wack him too.Just to break the monetony.LOL
Really looking forword to this hunt Dale.My directions say I take rt 6 from 95 to rt 1 to grand lake stream rd.does that sound like the best way???
Yes RT.6 is good Its about the same distance as rt.9 with less trafic.We got a fresh dusting of snow on the ground this morning.
No problem turning dogs loose,And the more guns the better when they start circling in these thickets.See you when you get here.

We having fun yet//Tobey

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