how to hunt coyote!!!


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Feb 8, 2001
I have seen a lot of pictures of coyotes hunted with what I thought to look like as maybe a blue tick and a walker. how do you go about doing that?? I have heard of people hunting them with grey hounds. Can some one tell me how????

Thanks cathunt
Although I have never coyote hunted before I have checked out a sight with lots of great info. Here's the link:

Good luck, and have fun!


Some hounds are coyote dogs naturaly...They just love to run a coy track! Some might need a little encouraging, others will never catch on...
I dont know about greyhounds...I mwould guess they are used in addition to hounds for speeed.
Cathuntmt-Check out George P, and Tobey in the hound section. George is really getting into hounds and running coyotes. Those guys probably know the most about it on this forum. Thanks DGF for the link!!! Josh, we had gryhounds when we were kids for hunting coyotes. We chased rabbits with them in the off season to keep them in shape. It was lots of fun. I didnt know a hound dog could catch a coyote until George and those fellas starting telling about it. Pretty kool I think!!! bcat

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Runnin coyotes with dogs is done a number of ways.ya can run them as you would Cats such as cut a track and turn out on it there are a couple lines bred for that such as Krogan and July's then there is the sight dogs such as greyhounds all though hot blooded grey hounds aint to good since they lack stamina for a long run . I used stags when i ran them which are usally greyhound deerhound or irish wolf hound crosses. this is usally done By having a dog box in the back of your truck with Jump doors on it then ya drive around till ya spot a coyote get as close as ya can and jump your dogs out to run it down ..problem with sight dogs are they are dumb as a box of rocks i have seen coyotes duck in a ditch and have 6 sight dogs run right over the top of him and keep goin. (and they werent just my dogs doin it)then ya got decoy dogs which are just what the name suggests they are used while callin when a coyotes comes to a call they see the dog and typically throw caution to the wind and go for the dog. Some dogs will go to a howlin coyote and draw the coyote to the hunter.
There is alot of variation to these 3 methods But here is the basic Ideas behind them

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Wolfer, Does your post on hunting with greyhounds/ irish wolfhounds ever bring back memories. My grand dad was famous around here for having about half a dozen of these things that he hunted fox with and went to Nebraska to hunt coyote with them about every other year (we didn't have 'yotes here then).
The way we hunted them was to drive the roads and lanes till we or the dogs saw a fox, then slide to a stop and open the doors...and the chase was on. They'd usually have a fox caught in under 2 minutes. He used to tell me that coyotes were a lot tougher for the dogs to catch and that if the dogs didn't have any wolf hound bred ito them, they just weren't big and strong enough to "handle" a coyote.WD.
Everytime I drive by an open field I miss them. Im always lookin at the wife and sayin "sure wish we had the stags" They were great fun and yes I have had some dogs get shredded by coyotes they fight hard I'm in a country right now that has some excellent areas to run stags. But as long as i have dogs i can work Coyotes with Im Happy ......Just re-read your post..did your dad run some sandhill dogs from Nebraska? I have heard of them and even ran with some of them, they are EXCELLENT dogs.

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Wolfer, I don't recall them ever being called sandhill dogs, he did all of his hunting out near Broken Bow. The ones he had that had the long wirey hair were really intimidating looking, decidedly wider chested than the greyhounds, and they'd finish off a fox in not time flat. The ones he crossed up with the greyhounds seemed to be a bit faster though.
That was a lot of fun.WD.
the sandhill dogs I am refering to is a line of stags from Nebraska.Yes it is all fun and with good dogs a coyote dont last long either.

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