How to clean ducks


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Jun 13, 2003
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Hey this will be my first season duck hutning and cant wait. I was wondering how you guys clean them? Can you pluck them with your hands, or do you need a special device?
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Just put your barrel up it's azz and pull the trigger. Duck's , Yuck! They are fun to shoot. Then again, so is everything else.
I pluck all the feathers off the breast and then fillet the breast meat off the bone. Some ducks are worse than others to eat. I have had Teal and Mallard that taste just as good or better than doves. Wrap bacon around em on the grill.......dang good.
Hey Woodrow when you pluck them do you use a special tool or just use your hands? Also does anyone know how to clean the duck if you want to stuff rost them?

i just pluck them then i cut there belly open an pull the in sides outi save the hart an gizzerd ( thats on big ducks )same way they do chickens on small ducks i pop the brest out an the legs
I don't go through that Trouble. I jsut Cut up the Belly without Plucking. Follow the Knife on one side of the CHEST bone. It will be easy to find after the First duck. Then cut the Breast meat out of that side staying as close to the Rib cage as Possible.

Do the same for both sides. For Geese, I take out the Legs too.

Good luck and Take some Pictures !!!
You can pluck them by hand if you so wish. If you decide to go that route, I would suggest plucking when they are still warm. The feathers come out a lot easier.

I basically do like everyone eles though. Cut the skin right up the middle of the breast, peal it back down the rib cage, then cut the breast meat off.

Good luck and if you decide to pluck them ducks... I would suggest doing it in the field...

actually i skin mine. very easy to do and quick. snip the wings off first makes it alot easier. if you can skin them while they are still warm makes the job even easier. makes them great for stuffing and put in the raost pot or barbecue. mmmmmmm mmmmmmm good.
WE PLUCK THEM AS SOON AS WE GET BACK TO THE BLIND while we wait for more duck to fly by it not so messy when you get home an they cool off faster
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